Thanks for the great party !!!! (pics)

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  • Puternut

    This was a super party Seattle people !!! We had a blast, we all had a great time at Bahama Breeze.

    What was funny, is the fact that there was an convention going on at the same time. Many dubs with name tags came in at the restaurant. You can only imagine the conversations we wanted to start with them.

    Afterwards we ended up at Doodle-V's house and talked till wee hours outside by the open fire. How I got home is a mystery. After we left and drove off into the darkness, I didn't have a clue where I was going. Noticed my gas tank was empty, left my cell phone, I had turned around so many times and couldn't make it back to Doodles....Ended up at almost the Canadian border in the pitch black. But somehow made it back at 5:00 AM at Codeblue.

    My gut still hurts from laughing so much. Thanks everybody, that was there, it was fun.


  • Special K
    Special K

    Glad your send off part was a good time Puternut.

    Now I bet all these well wishers would love to come and visit you in your new home.

    Hope, your move goes fairly smooth for you both (Octavia). Moving can be stressful but it sounds (from your previous posts) that you really have a handle on it.

    all the best puter

    Special K

  • kat2u

    Chris Conner and I had a GREAT TIME!!!

    I forgot my cell phone too.But there holding it for me at the Bahama Breeze.

    Sheesh I have a couple drinks and see what happens? Im such a light weight


  • jst2laws


    Here are some pics finally,


  • StinkyPantz

    Some good-lookin' folks. Looks like ya'll had fun.

  • jst2laws

    And the rest of them,


  • seattleniceguy

    I'm happy to report that both I and my cell phone made it home safely! Forgot my damn leftovers at SavageBuddha and Doodle-v's house though. Doh!

    No, it was a really great time. It was great to see familiar faces and meet some new ones as well. And I had this really startling revelation about the possible benefits of having a lazy eye while philosophizing around the campfire....You just never know what new ground you'll cover while on an apostafest.

    Right-o, cheerio, and carry on then! Best wishes to Puternut and Octavia in their new adventure!


  • bem

    Great to see more faces to go with names...Codeblue........ jst2laws....was just protecting your privacy I'm sure right 2laws?

    Glad you were all able to get together.


  • codeblue

    OMG>........I am laughing hysterically at the "artful way" Jst2laws applied my "makeup"...I am really NOT a gorilla...just so you all know!!!

    It was a blast last night.....we all had a good time and a lot of "laughs"...

    It sure was nice of Doodle and Savage to have a post-party at their house....

    Doodle...D'saronno was fantastic!!!...thanks for sharing it with me

    It sure was great to visit with everyone!!!


  • doodle-v

    Thanks for comin by guys! my gut still hurts from laughing too!

    Dang it jst2laws snapped the pic of me with my mouth full of food!! (sure was good though!)

    Puternut so glad we could send ya off in style my man, you guys rock!

    Lookin forward to more good times with everyone.

    -Doodle-V and Savage Buddha

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