My wife and I ...

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  • Dan-O

    Damn, son. We'll shake some catnip outta the can for you.

  • Nikita



  • frenchbabyface

    (((Brummie))) ... I don't know what to say every story are different ...
    Wish you the best

  • Englishman

    It seems awfully sad.

    I saw the pics you put up of your family a couple of years back. You seemed to be very happy together then.

    It's not for anyone to offer you uninvited advice, I know that. I do know that many marriage breakdowns occur when one party makes changes that the other is very unhappy about. It might be worth your while contacting Relate to help cope with all this.

    I hope it works out for you.


  • bem

    Thanks E-man for the post I to shall check it out! I am moving out this week-end. I feel thrilled right now but if I expierience problems it's good to have something to fall back on in the way of support..... As far as I'm concerned there is no remedy for my break up... anything now is just too little to late! But life will go on and pain can creep back in . Thanks again

    (((((Brummie)))) hope things go well for you!

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