Suicide Prevention

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  • bebu


    I'm truly sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sorry for the pain you go thru now.

    People who find themselves at the brink often think there is no other way, that no one could understand. Like you said, connecting with others--talking with people about what is going on--and finding hope is so very, very important.

    If a suicidal person can't figure out where to start, check the phone book under Social Services or Crisis Intervention. If for some reason something isn't listed there, call the Salvation Army and they can give assistance by connecting you with resources. One could even post something in this thread, if nothing else!

    All of these agencies and networks exist because depression and suicide are not so uncommon. And folks who don't give in to suicidal thoughts and eventually escape that vortex are also more common than we know. There are more people who 'understand' than one could guess.


  • cruzanheart

    (((((Chevy))))) I hope your friend found the peace and end of pain she sought, and I hope you have found a better way! It is entirely each person's choice whether or not to end their life, but it is important that anyone who feels that way know that they are loved and that their passing will create a painful void.


  • Billygoat


    I truly am sorry for your pain. I have been suicidal several times in my life. I always felt like I'd be doing my loved ones a favor by "leaving" this world. I understood the pain the wake of suicide left behind...I lost an uncle and a close friend several years ago. But that still didn't make me stop thinking suicidal thoughts. A person who committs suicide is just looking for a way to end the pain. More often than not, they have no other way of doing it. I know I didn't back then. Today I have more tools to cope. And I know the pain it would leave Neil in would be worse than the pain he would be watching me in. I couldn't ever do it today - simply because I can't do that to him.

    Like, Nina said...I hope your friend found her peace.



  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm sorry Chevy. I'm very glad you're still with us.

  • talesin

    Just have to say,

    Nina, Chris, Chevy. Everyone.


  • kls

    Chevy , i am soo sorry, after my dad killed himself i was numb then mad. It is the one's left behind that are hurting.

    My condolences to you and her family : (

  • orbison11

    such a timely post. if i was to pass, not one of my four children would know or care, i have not talked with them for about 5-6 years since i was df'd.:(

    so nice to hear some do care unconditionally


  • 4JWY

    (((chevy))) and (((all others))) who have experienced this sadness in your lives. Yes, time eases our pain, but it can never be forgotton.

    ....To the happy memories

  • Xandria

    (( Chevy)) I am so sorry! Losing anyone to suicide is not easy. I have been through it too.


  • orbison11


    i am just wondering, for those who lost friends/family,,,did you have no warning signs? were you not able to have them open up? or did you aproach them? help them? comfort them?


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