We need solid advice from former Elders

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  • anglise


    Other half was an elder and only knows of 1 instance where an appeal worked and that involved a legal issue.

    I think your first concern should be with your parents. If they refuse to accept that you are adult enough to make your own decisions about your beliefs but still think you are old enough to be their main care providers then there are some issues that you need to talk through.

    I am afraid that parents can be far to controlling and, whether deliberate or not, very manipulative. Maybe I am doing you and your parents a great injustice with these thoughts, if so I apologise.

    Assure your parents that your love and concern for them hasnt changed and hopefully this will help to overcome the barrier imposed by the JW's.

    If not you might have to consider approaching social services and requesting care for your parents. You would of course have to tell them why you are no longer allowed to provide this yourself. This would not be a good witness for the local cong, and the elders might be willing to talk to your parents and reach a wokable solution to avoid such bad publicity.


  • wednesday

    i hope u have kids so your wifes family can NEVER see their grandchildren again. use what ever tools u have if this is the way it turns out. They have betrayed u and deserve whatever they get.

    i would go for an appeal and focus on the doubts , as so many have said. also, if u can aford it, check out an atty. it sounds like they did not give u a chance to even expalin.

  • kls

    Before starting any action make sure this is what you want. The shock of what they did is hard and wrong but give it sometime and make sure that you really want to be reinstated to a cult that has already condemed you as parasite.

  • peacefulpete

    Tahnks for nice comments and advice. We've decided to try the last gasp of hope and write a threatening letter of membership/baptism annullment. I've spkenm with an attorney this morning and she led me to think it might be a case. She'll help with the letter.

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    hello pete,

    thanks for your open heart to tell us what happend.

    I think nlow you are released from the bonds of an org that makes itself to be a god. The elders are nothing more than robots that do what they know the borg wants them to do.

    I remember the last elder school in 2002. Before the CO said that if any parents go to the attorney they must be braught before the JC. On the school the CO read a letter: "dont keep anyone away from going to the court".

    Thats the org. Today bad is good, tomorrow good is bad, just like slippers you change.

    Its ugly that they make you feel burn like on a heap of burning wood. That was the catholic answer to thsoe who gave critics in earlier times. They burnt them an made the others fear the power of the church.

    The WTS does the same. They burn those who have doubts in regard to the whoring WTS practice.

    I have the same feeling, I am disappointed that with one angel of the mouth they praixe the lord with the other they praise the world.

    hypocrites in ivory towers. I think we are really in critical times and the kingdom will coome- but not ion the way they teach.

    I am convinced that they are dfd by Christ for their hypocricy.

    May Jehovah our god be with the meek ones who have conscience and who trust alone in GOD but not into a slave who gets sluggish.

    he will be judged the way he judges.

    my kind greeetings to you and your wife. I knew people who were in nazi Germany in the concentration camp and who were shunned by the brothers.

    And after the hitler aera we know it was the branch officer who traited the brothers and his substitute. Forst was sent away from Bethel, died at home, Franke was disbanded from responsibility by Richard Kelsey. They were both only outlined figures as the file and ranks were not told abuout the real things.

    They will reap what they have sown.

    perhaps you will find some encouragenment in www.bibledecoded.com

    kind regards


  • cyber-sista

    Peacefulpete...I'm obviously not an elder, but I can tell you for certain there is no particular rhyme nor reason for what elders do in some congos. I also became painfully aware that there is no real organized organization out there. I wrote the society begging for help in regard to my former congregation of elders who were "beating the flock." In the end nobody came to our defense--but the branch, CO and the society defended the elders. These guys can do just about anything they want and it depends on who the elders are in your area whether you treatment will be fair or not. The organization is much like a disorganized government with a crappy legal system and no clear direction from the top. I am so sorry this is happening to you. I too am on the fade, but would not be surprised if this sort of thing will happen to me one day. Please keep us posted. I am still trying to figure out how to handle myself with this whole situation. Again, I am sorry you have to go through this. The best to you and your wife. Tell your family you love them--unconditionally--maybe they will be stumbled out of the Org after seeing the unfair treatment you have received.


  • FairMind

    I truly hurt for you! Your experience frightens me. I have shared copies of the UN NGO letter with others so I suppose I now need to be looking over my shoulder in case the elders find out. My question is why is the showing the letter to someone or providning the link to the letter an act of apostasy? The UN NGO letter is truthful and the United Nations Website is not an apostate website is it? Seems to me that the APOSTATE act was that of the WTBS when it became a NGO. Will someone explain to me the incorrectness of my thinking.

  • peacefulpete

    Again thanks for the comments of support. I just talked with Randy Waters, he offered little hope that the annullment letter would work. He knew of only 1 person who has been successsful and that is the result of a whole series of well worded legally threatening letters. Also the attorney I spoke to this morn was just told by her partners not to accept my work because they were concerned about "getting into a pissing match with snakes".

    I guess I'll just have to do the appeal thing. My wife refuses to go as of now. She is far more likely than me to give them a piece of her mind so I agree with her decision. I'll buy a digtal recorder tonight, small enough to put in my pocket or bag. If it goes like I'm sure it will at least I can let my folks hear what went down before they announce it. What a tragedy to all concerned.

  • RunningMan

    I know this is not the type of advice that you need at this point, but the elders are really doing you a favor. They are setting you free.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Thats like saying the bars in the prison are for keeping the prisoners safe, and the locks to keep people from breaking in.

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