We need solid advice from former Elders

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  • toreador

    Thanks Blondie for the correction. You are absolutely correct.


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/7/73454/1.ashx This thread started by 'new castles' has all my JC Kangaroo court experiences.

    Helpful and useful thread.

    {edited: if all that remains is justifiable anger,[the only that will keep someone from being wrongfully Dfed is fear of bad publicity or fear of a LAW$UIT ]

    Everybody mark this point,you don't get justice from kangaroo courts they are malicious bastards.The only thing they understand is fear of retaliation.

    Click my profile/bio I have been making them pay for 12 years.They blundered big time screwing me over and wrecking my family.

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    Click my profile/bio I have been making them pay for 12 years.

    How much have they paid you.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    JWD 'Brain Trust' 3 popular threads on Judicial Hearings:When they kick you out for 'independent thinking'. You're Fired (1) http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/7/55493/1.ashx ( oldie/goodie) (2) http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/10/75049/1.ashx (current thread) (3) http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/7/73454/1.ashx This thread started by 'new castles' has my JC Kangaroo court experiences. Kangaroo Knowledge is power;"everyone is entitled to their own opinion,but not their own facts"

  • peacefulpete

    Again thanks for the loving expressions and advice. I want to add that I do disagree with some of the posters here who seem to have little clue about what is going on within the minds of victims of cults and high control groups. An awsome book that has helped us stay focused on the issues is entitled, "Hostage to Heaven" by Barbara and Betty Underwood. The daughter was a Moonie and kept a diary that revealed the blow by blow conflict within her mind. The mother successfully aquired court permission to forcibly 'deprogram' her. While the 70's technique of deprogramming has since lost favour, the book reveals the tortured mind of a loving and intelligent woman caught in a web. The details may differ but all throughout the book we have been amazed at the similarities in mind control techniques used by the Moonies and the JWs and the inner reasonings that the daughter had with that of ourselves when we were JWs. While it is true that noone can be completely absolved of personal responsibility for their actions, this book well illustratess that outward appearances can be deceiving. The person who shuns or abuses you today may be on the inside a quite different person. Remember we all did it. Some of us were even the abusers when sitting on JCs. I am today clean of the mental control, but my family is not yet. I cannot ignore the reality of this. I often parallel my family with persons under the effects of anesthesia. The real them is being repressed and sedated through group think and thought control. I can no more be angry with what comes from their mouth than I can be of the person who babbles incoherently under sedation.

    Edited to add this thought....Another parallel (perhaps more poignant) may be dealing with substance abuse in loved ones. Awareness of the control the drug has upon the thinking and personality of the loved one is invaluable for assisting them YET not evreyone has the strength left in them to tackle the problem and abuse by themselves. Especially those who have a history of being abused may find they have no strength in reserve. A little reflection upon the correspondencies between these two situations may be of help to decide which course to take.

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