Age Difference?

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  • simplesally

    She is older, he is younger.

    What's the largest spread in years that you have heard about that is

    1. fun

    2. acceptable

    3. approved by the wtbts

    4. blow your mind with just good sex

  • bem

    Well SSally,have had the woman older, younger man on my mind for various reasons lately so to answer your ?

    • fun- There is a bar 1/4 mile from where I live the owner has a live -in- boyfriend,17 years younger .that has became a local joke sadly! she has the money ,if he's out then he's a foot .if he's in so to speak he has the new truck...funny...sorry to say men can be vulnerable to being used also.
    • acceptable- Whatever the couple,whoever they may be can live is short.genuine love is valuable.
    • Approved by wtbs- don't know a specific answer for this one..
    • Blow your mind with good sex-Refraining from answering this . minus of course under-age molesting.


  • dh

    i think older women (old-ER, not old) are good for mindblowing sex & fun categories.

    when i was a kid, one of my friends parents, both jw's had a ten year age gap, his mother being 10 years older than his father.

    for myself i would not get seriously involved with anyone more than a couple of years either way of my age.

  • Lehaa

    My uncle married his wife when he was 19, she was 7 years older and had 3 kids. They're still married 37 years later and doing fine.

    I think it really depends on the peoples mental maturity.

    I know two other couples who have recently gotten married to men at least 7 years younger than themslves and they are doing fantasticly.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi Sally, how are you doin'

    My husbands mother married a man who was 31 years older than her. (Her second marriage)..

    They were married when he was almost in his seventies , I think.

    Draw back to it all is that he died after they were married for only 7 years or so.

    She was so devastated by it.. it was very sad.

    The funny thing about the relationship was that her father and her husband were exactly the same age and had been friends before.. They are both passed on now.

    Special K

  • stillajwexelder

    knew amemeber of the annointed - her story was in the magazine a few years ago - her husband also annointed was 30 years older than her

  • bem

    Didn't think to mention this til I read other posts.(guess it was because I despised the man) ( it's the other gender age related...older man younger woman) the man my mom married was 31 years older than her.He died at 96 years old, they were married over 40 years if they were happy I never seen it.bitter home to grow up in. Moms a bitter woman (not gonna let that happen to me).

    I have had several friends and aquintances who have been older than there husbands and it seems good for both.and some not so good.

  • hillbilly

    Gee Sally-

    I am about 3 years older than you... but it looks like we have a 2000 mile chasity belt between us.


  • simplesally

    Whoa there hillbilly! I have a 'younger' man already. A friend of mine picked up a local stray the other night. We teased her that he had to get up early to get his paper route done and that she should make his lunch before he left.......... Snack Pack and PBJ sandwiches. When it was time for him to go, we thought he might get his skateboard out of his backpack but alas! he needed a ride back to the bar where he left his Tonka truck.

    (Actually, the guy was a pretty good sport)

  • scootergirl

    I married a man 16 yrs. my senior. The only time I notice the age difference is when he talks of stories from the 70's. I laugh thinking of how old I was when he was out "living' it up". He tells me how he has albums (lol...I NEVER bought an album in my life) older than me. I prefer, and always have, older men. Give me one set in his ways so that I know exactly what I am in for. I like being w/a person that has some life experience under their belt.

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