Age Difference?

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  • wednesday

    hey scoot, nice seeing u .

  • Sassy

    my mom's second husband was only 3 yrs older than me 17 yrs younger than her....(he died)

    her current husband is ten years younger...

    if their sex is hot........I REALLY DON"T WANT TO KNOW..........


    my bf is ten yrs younger......believe me......the sex is hot.... that is NOT one of our problems

    it is not recommended by the WTS...but then I dont' live by their rules any longer

  • scootergirl

    (((wednesday))) good to see you too, hon! I pop my head in here from time to time. :)

  • FMZ

    My wife is 15 years my senior... to answer your questions:

    1: Fun? We laugh, we cry, we watch movies and drink together, we go out for dinner. We have lots of fun, just check out my moblog ( ).

    2: Acceptable... who gives a damn? lol. Most people initially get that "WTF?" face when they realize we are married (and the age diff) but when they see us together, it's all good.

    3: Approved? Every elder, brother, sister I ever spoke to about this before leaving the b0rg told me not to.

    4: Good sex?? Man, oh man, oh man......... OH man.

    Hope this helped...


  • Odrade

    I knew a kid in my hometown, married a woman who had children older than him. He was 18 I think when he married her. She was in her 40s. They seem happy, so what difference does it make. And hey! he only had to deal with half her menopause and he got to do it when he was young and dumb. LOL. Plus, yay for her, she'll go first, so she'll never have to wipe his drool.

  • czarofmischief

    whatever. if they're happy, let it be...


  • czarofmischief

    There is a bar 1/4 mile from where I live the owner has a live -in- boyfriend,17 years younger .that has became a local joke sadly! she has the money ,if he's out then he's a foot .if he's in so to speak he has the new truck...funny...sorry to say men can be vulnerable to being used also.

    He is dating a woman who has MONEY, a NEW TRUCK, and OWNS A BAR???

    Czar's jaw drops. Czar breaks the tenth commandment and covets his neighbor's piece of ass...

    He's no fool, lady, that kid knows what he's doing...


  • FlyingHighNow
    What's the largest spread in years that you have heard about that is

    1. fun

    2. acceptable

    3. approved by the wtbts

    4. blow your mind with just good sex

    Any age diff is going to be fun if there is mutual attraction and chemistry.

    Any age is acceptable as long as the two are happy.

    Who cares if the WTBTS approves of anything? They'd tell you how many times a day to blink if you let them.

    Get two keenly sexual people together and add some mutual attraction and chemistry and sex will be mind blowing.


  • Cassiline
    3. approved by the wtbts

    Speaking from my own past, when I was 16 I met a man twice my age and married him at 17 ( on my b-day to be exact). The hall where we moved to accepted such and in fact defended such when my father who I was trying to escape made a stink about it to the elders.


  • wednesday

    i generally prefer men approx my age.

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