Tell us about your avitar.

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  • rocketman

    xLaurax, that's a very sexy avatar!

    Cheeses, it's fun reading about your avatar!

    Blondie - Ms. Harry looks quite good in that pic.

    Hapgood - I love Porthos, he's so cute! Beagles are my favorite dog.

  • rocketman

    My avatar is a pic of Elton John, the original Rocket Man. But I use the avatar here for another reason - it has much to do with Jehovah's Witnesses!

    The picture is from the cover of Elton John's Rock Of The Westies album, which was released on October 1, 1975. As most of us know, that was the "appropriate time for God to act" according to the WTS in their book Life Everlasting In The Freedom Of The Sons Of God and subsequent publications as well.

  • xLaurax

    Fair enough xander maybe i just took your 'humour' the wrong way. It's just that you did actually use what is named the 'disappointed' smilie and not the shocked/horrified one... but hey i'll let you off!

    And rocketman... thanks for the compliment


  • carefully faded

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