If You Won $117 MILLION on a Lottery, What Would You Do With It?

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  • Lehaa

    But myself a jet so I could visit all my relatives that live all over the place.

    Buy my mum, Dad, sister, and ex-husband a new house.

    Buy myself some property and finally have my hobby farm. Buy all the animals I've always wanted.

    Hire a personal trainer, chef, housekeeper and nanny. Hire a house keeper for my sister as well.

    Go back to school and get my vet nurses degree.

    Oh organise the biggest apostafest in America so I could finally meet all you guys.

  • toreador


    You would buy your EX Husband a house? You must have left on good terms.

  • Lehaa
    You would buy your EX Husband a house? You must have left on good terms.

    Yes we did, and he shares custody of our kids, buying him a house would give him more time to spend with the kids too.

    He was always a great financial provier for us and worked long hours so I did not have to work.Still helps me out financially if I need help.

  • Dan-O

    First, I'd obscure my identity, leave most of my junk behind, and never return to my house again. Lord knows how many long lost relatives & instant friends would pop out of the woodwork once news of the sudden fortune got around.

    Real estate. I would buy more real estate. A few thousand mountainous acres in the west. A small tropical island with good fishing & SCUBA diving. Maybe a secluded cabin in the arrowhead of Minnesota. And perhaps a beachfront getaway somewhere in Florida. I've always been partial to St. Augustine.

    Find a good tax lawyer & put him on retainer. Reward him for finding every last loophole in the tax code.

    Hire Eric Clapton, BB King, Aerosmith, and The Bloodhound Gang to perform at a Midwest Apostafest. I think I'll call it Morning Woodstock.

    Oh, and maybe I'd buy the new Jimmy Buffet CD.

  • Yizuman

    I'd retire from labor. Create 10 bank accounts at 10 different banks for 10 million on each account. With 10 million on each bank, I can live off on the interests alone. The rest will go to a regular tpe bank account with interest of course for use to buy stuff.


  • shotgun

    Pay off all of my relatives debt and give them a wad of cash..not sure how much

    Start a charity where money to finance abuse cases against the WT could be drawn from

    Send Dansk to a Cancer clinic in Switzerland which has a fantastic cure rate

    Get medical help for a couple of my family members, non life threatening issues

    Take BBgun to Disneyland...in Paris and Seaworld in San Diego...buying Corvin breakfast while were there..ok dinner too.

    Buy a place on the Ocean and also one on a lake...along with the necessary toys at both locations( Sea-doo's ...etc) most likely still in Canada.

    Invest the rest in secure accounts and live off the interest, worring about everything else but money for a change.


  • bem

    All good answers, agree with most, especially the get togethers and islands or ocean fronts!

    I have to add pay off my kids bills, along with my own, set them up comfortably, set aside an account ( huge account!) for my grand-daughters future.

    And do the disappearing act! bem

  • Special K
    Special K

    We had a guy near where I live.. Him and his wife won 5.5 million.

    They paid off their neighbours mortgage.. (disappointed that I didn't live beside them..darn!)

    They took about 50 of their friends to Toronto, rented a bunch of suites in the best hotel and took them all to see the "Rolling Stones" in concert.. all expenses paid. ..including airfare. WOW!


    My girlfriend next door to me.. her father in his 80's won 6 million about 10 years back.

    He took a certain portion and divided it evenly among his 5 grown kids.. Needless to say, there was still alot of griping among them and felt that wasn't fair.

    He died the other year (old age..and too much drinking).. but I do believe the remaining money again was split evenly among his grown children again.


    Special K.. (Me hmm what would I do with that kind of money.. I'll think on that a bit and be back)

  • dawn27

    I would buy an island house with a spectacular view and travel alot with my husband. I would also go back to school and get my doctorate degree (just incase the money ever ran out). I would set up my family and my husbands family for life. I would definitely never work for a corporation again and my time would not be "owned" by an employer. I think that it is a shame that you have to win the lottery just to have the freedom to live your life as you please. I wish I had the money to buy out the government and overhaul it, then we'd all be a little bit free'er.

  • minimus

    I would MAKE SURE that EVERYONE on earth would have the opportunity to hear the "good news of the kingdom".

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