Contributions? Wait On Jehovah!

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  • Atilla
    But this whinning accomplishes absolutely nothing. It actually works against you.

    The so called whining actually helped me and I don't consider myself to be mal-content. Thank you very much.

  • TD

    Even if Metatron doesn't have the appropriate phrase quite correct, (e.g. Wait on Jehovah, Jehovah will provide, Put the Kingdom first, whatever----) he's made a valid point.

    The JW's have often used Jesus' admonition not to be anxious about your material needs as an oxgoad. Just to cite one relavant example, I have personally heard the JW's present as worthy of imitation, cases where individuals took time off to attend the district convention even though it meant displeasing their employer.

    Apparently, the idea is that even if you are terminated from your employment you will be rewarded by Jehovah for putting the interestests of the kingdom (i.e. The interests of the WTB&TS) first.

    Well Metatron is right. If the material needs of the flock can be dismissed this casually by its leaders, then its leaders have nothing to complain about when the flock reciprocates.

  • Nosferatu

    Waiting on Jehovah just doesn't work. When I was a faithful dub, and I was being attacked daily at school (both physically and emotionally), I prayed to Jehovah. I was praying on an hourly basis. I truly believed he would help me. Things just kept getting worse. My fear and stress started to affect me physically. I found myself shaking uncontrollably, and it all just made my PTSD worse. It could have all been avoided if I had no trust in Jehovah, and solved my own problems by defending myself.

  • XQsThaiPoes

    When the people that claim a 1000 years is 1 day to Jehovah, and they still admonish you to wait on him arent they implying nothing will be done?

  • SAHS


    Learning patience in putting up with others - Wait on Jehovah 8 times

    Learning patience in putting up with trolls?now that?s a lesson in patience!


    Of course, you could slip some ads into the literature.

    Actually, the organization did put advertisements into their magazines back around the Russell/Rutherford era?and some of the things they were advertising (such as certain ?heath remedies?) were as nutty and ridiculous as anyone could imagine!


  • XQsThaiPoes

    More likely they will sell more property to buy more stock then use the stock to buy more property. Rinse wash repeat. Also buy making themselves a tourist trap they can be like a dineyland. JWs often leave large contributions for the privilege of staying inside a bethel hotel. It is like the lincoln bedroom almost. THe watchtower will do fine they are a trillion dollar non taxable corporation. CCJWs on the other hand is screwed. THey may fold like the catholic church. They may build mega halls and have to amoratize cost like churches do.

  • proplog2


    Are you suggesting I am a troll? Why because I respond to hate posts? Metatron is a troll. What is the point of posting Ain't JW's awful messages? Am I supposed to ignore them? Especially when I see the chorus that agrees with that? Has Metatron run out of real stuff so that he has to use his reliable old formula? Minimus' thing is questions. Farkels is swearing & leaving. Metatron's thing is Now JW's are really in trouble or Is this the worst? My thing is Jehovah's Witnesses aren't THAT bad.

    If you think I am a Troll than treat me like one and ignore me. But you know I'm not.

    The "poor-me - all beat up by the Watchtower" attitude is what will get you in the looney bin.

    I personally don't put organizations on the same level as humans. That's a trick of the business world with their corporations. Organizations have no brains or heart. Like my dad used to say about the "body of elders" all body and no brain. After a certain point in my life I decided I wasn't going to be controlled by groups of people that are 2 for me and 3 against. No matter what organization you devote your time to - you're going to be disappointed if you expect them to behave like human beings - they're not.

  • gitasatsangha

    proplog, I don't think you are a troll. I think you like to take the roll of Devil's Advocate, however.

  • metatron


    People need to be warned about Watchtower fraud - and, of course, morally obtuse

    stooges like you as well, who are eager to defend greed and lies.

    The question is not whether I believe in God - but whether your conscience ever performs

    the most minimal function in addressing the continued deception, fraud, manslaughter,

    and harm that this cult enjoys promulgating. Is there any form of conduct that is too low,

    too repellent, or too universally condemned that they might be guilty of that you wouldn't

    'shill' for? or does continued idolatry of the "organization" prevent that?

    And why should the Watchtower not weather its guilt in protecting child molesters?

    Isn't that what their riches and gaggle of lawyers buys them? Why shouldn't they

    find success in protecting the most vile sort of acts in 'Satan's world'? Does the Devil

    know his own?

    And thank you again for bringing increased atention to this post, it helps spread

    the continuing exposure of this cult as the internet erodes its base.


  • Stephanus


    Undaunted Danny:

    Bloody Ulcerative Colitis. Sounds like a wicked disease. Is there a cure for it? A lot of diseases have no cure. Life forces some people to be patient whether they want to be or not. All I know is I'm not going to get out of this life alive.

    Life isn't fair. Tough! That's the way it is. Jehovah feeds the sparows and I've seen plenty of them serving as food for my neighbors cat. The lillys of the field are clothed by Jehovah


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