Tipping the Gal who cuts hair

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  • FMZ

    I pay $12 for a haircut at the local place (they do an amazing job every time), and round it to an even $15 with tip. I guess thats 25%.


  • simplesally

    My hair gal is the owner, I always give her the going rate as payment because she always discounts the price...........so full boat is my tip.

    When I go to SuperCuts or such for a quickie, I tip a couple dollars.

  • Xandria

    Jim: If it is like the fancy place in AZ. where women wear sexy underwear to cut hair in.. then the tip is much more that $5.00 A tip should be 10 to 20 % of the bill. X.

  • Jim_TX

    Thanks for the replies. Who knew such a simple question had so many answers.

    So - by my math, I tipped the gal 12.5%. Perhaps a tad on the low side...

    One reason that I am hesitant to tip on the high side... my hair is not easy to cut correctly. Most of the gals that do it - don't listen, and do their own thing.

    I have a feeling that they are more experienced cutting gals' hair than guys.

    Also - it is difficult for me to tell if I got a 'good cut' until a day or so later, when the hair relaxes - after the cut.

    If she is there next time I go - I will try to give her more. It looks like she did a good job.


    Jim TX

  • blondie

    Jim, my hair is hard to cut too and in the past hairdressers did not listen to me. So when I found the woman who could listen and cut my hair, I stayed with her. I followed her through 3 salons until she finally got her own, 25 years and counting. Some marriages don't last that long. So find a good one and stick with that person as long as you can, hairdresser, that is.


  • Celia
    Try $125 for a cut and color . . . every 5 weeks

    Wow, that's much more than I have ever paid at the hairdresser. I now go to a men's barber, a gal who does a great job, I let my hair turn gray.... I pay only $11 for a haircut and I give her $1 or $2 tip, when I can afford it....

  • Yerusalyim

    Back in the day when I got my hair cut, I'd tip a dollar for a $7.00 hair cut. At home, the barber was also the owner...he got ZILCH...he would have been insulted.

  • funkyderek

    I pay the hairdresser the stated price for the service. If they want to charge more, then they should put up the price. Do Americans tip everybody? It's like: "thank you for the service, here's the money, and here's an extra 20% just for doing your job"!

  • Xena

    I love my hairdresser....been going to her for about 10 years now...I tend to tip on the high side because I appreciate not having to hide my head for several days like I used to after a bad cut!

    I tip her because I think she deserves the extra money Derek above and beyond what she normally gets paid for the service she renders to me. Sorry if that offends you.

  • funkyderek
    Sorry if that offends you.

    It doesn't offend me. You can do whatever you like with your own money. It just confuses me. If someone in the service industry goes above and beyond the call of duty, then it makes sense to give them extra money. If I pay someone to cut my hair, and they cut my hair, why should I give them more than we agreed? Unless they give me a happy ending, I suppose.

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