What's the closest you've ever been to death? ever think "this is it?"

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  • Valis

    Eh the other time was when I got pistol whipped. I was in the Greyhound station trying to buy a ticket and this guy behind the counter was just giving me hell about my appearance and so forth...I told him to fuck off and sell me my ticket...he didn't like that and of all things he came over the counter! He proceeds to start in w/the punches and I started beating the crap out of him...there was a big plexiglass window and I would punch him and he would hit the plexiglass...literally bouncing back to me like a three stooges movie or something...this went on for a few minutes till he realized how it was going to be...well he went to his car and got a pistol...I backed off and he came up and hit me two times in the head w/the butt of the gun...I really thought he was going to shoot me, but I think he got freaked cuz someone called the cops and he took off....Stupid thing is that the next day he had the nerve to go back to work! *LOL* He was arrested and sentenced to assault w/a deadly weapon...*LOL* bwahahah..ahem...


    District Overbeer

  • pratt1

    Definitely 9/11 for me. I was walking through the concourse of the WTC as the first plane hit the Tower. I remember seeing the bodies and debris falling from the sky just barely missing me. I immediately went into shock and stood still for about 10 mins, afraid to move. Finally I made it to what appeared to be a safe distance and watched as the second plane hit the other tower.

    As the building fell to the ground I ran as fast as I could, and as I was running I thought, when was the last time I told the people in my life I loved them? Would they realize how important they have been in my life?

    I made a decison after that to tell all of my loved ones how much the mean to me, and I try not to hold grudges or sweat the small stuff( almost everything is small stuff).

    I also made out a will.

  • Gerard

    Let's see... there'e was this highway accident with my Honda Goldwing motorbike at 70 MPH

    Fell 40 feet into a ravine while rock climbing.

    Jumped some awsome cracks with my snowmobile out on the sea ice.

    Had several polar bears charge at me over 7 years time. (Once I had to play bait so no stoopid German photographer got eaten).

    Had an elevator failure on a Cessna 150 upon take off (landed using the trim tabs)

    A bull charged me when I was 10 at a "Pamplonada" festival in a Mexican town (hid behind a telephone pole)

    But the worse one was a soccer Mum driving her Ford Explorer, she almost ramed me sidways. THAT was beyond my control and scared the S%@ out'a me!

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