What's the closest you've ever been to death? ever think "this is it?"

by doodle-v 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • doodle-v

    Have you had any close calls? What's the closest you've ever been to kissing it good-bye?

    Did your outlook on life change because of it?


  • maybesbabies

    Yeah, in a car accident a few years back. It didn't inspire any great life changes, other than the fact that I don't drive anymore, lol!!!

  • Crazy151drinker

    Almost hit a car head on while racing a guy on prom night. That was close enough for me.....

  • doodle-v
    other than the fact that I don't drive anymore, lol!!!


  • jgnat

    I had a flash, not for myself, but for my daughter, when she was delivering my granddaughter. There was this "look" in the eyes of the doctor and the nurses, and an economy and urgency of their movements, that gave me a scare.

    In a flash, I realized I could lose both my daughter and my granddaughter right there.

    The thought was unbearable.

    Then Naomi was born and it was so beautiful and wonderful.

    I cried.

    My daughter, flushed, sweaty, baby in arms and feet in stirrups as the intern busied himself with the tricky stitching, looks up and says, "What's wrong?"

    I blubbered something about losing her and Naomi and life and love and how I couldn't bear losing her and all that and she dismissed my worries with a wave of her hand. She had been in the middle of a big job, and had no time to consider how close things got.

  • Valis

    Got swept away in Slaughter Creek in Gonzales, Texas. Big flood, small car, bad mix. Luckily I hit a fence and climbed out. And ya after it happened I even called my mom and dad to tell them I loved them.


    District Overbeer

  • blondie

    Drowning (2x)

    Car accident (1x)

    Gun drawn on me (1x)

    Near miss hunting accident (1x)

    Operation (1x)

    It wasn't it!

  • WildHorses

    Was in a coma when I was three. The Dr's never figured out why, but they thought I may have got ahold of some poisen seed corn.

    When I was eight, my grandfather was out in the yard doing something with the air pump. The ground had dew on it and I with no shoes on grabbed on to the handle and was nearly electrocuted to death. My grandfather just happened to look over and see me and yanked me loose. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • reboot

    I was partially strangled once and nearly 'went'.

    The blackness was closing in and my ears started ringing so loudly I could'nt hear...as I passed out my last thoughts were;

    'I did'nt wash my hair today I hope undertakers do that before people view bodies'

    Made me realise how suddenly life can be snatched away, and how lucid and surreal our last thoughts are...I was run over too ; the car drove up my leg and I remember thinking if he dosnt stop he'll be on a straight line for my skull and that's gonna hurt...' Lol

    I was amazed at how un-profound my last thoughts will, eventually, probably be....

  • frenchbabyface

    Falling into the whole of the staire, head first 2d stage

    My outlook : life is good ... suffering is awfull ... All this for that

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