Elder arrested for beating daughter

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  • ezekiel3

    Elder David Nesler was arrested in Jackson California for striking his teen-age daughter (also a JW) in front of a high school. He is currently released and an active JW member who is allowed to participate in meetings, although his status as an elder is unknown.

    This was not alleged to be sexual abuse, but it does certainly call into question the discretion of this elder. If this is what he does in public...?


  • Lehaa

    Poor kid, imagine how humiliated she would have felt, her dad hitting her in front of all her friends at school.

  • Bubbamar

    I hope he makes plenty of friends in jail...if you know what I mean.

  • Nosferatu

    Good. The large amount of physical abuse to children in the JW religion should be exposed.

  • Elsewhere

    Ohhhh, the WTS is going to come down on him VERY hard because he has imbarrased the organization!

  • Sunspot

    **Ohhhh, the WTS is going to come down on him VERY hard because he has imbarrased the organization!

    This is the most disgusting part of his actions. The fact that this will "reflect badly" on the Org, and NOT on what he did to his daughter!

    Somebody ought to hog-tie him and force him to listen to tapes of reciting "the fruitages of the spirit" nonstop for 40 days and nights.

    Ezekiel----Keep us posted if you hear the outcome of the legal action taken.

  • Elsewhere

    Yup and odds are the elders were already well aware of the problem and just brushed it under the rug... now that the spot light is on them, they will need a sacrificial goat.

  • Soledad

    all too common. But I'm glad these things are getting more exposure.

  • Farkel

    [deleted for redundancy]

  • Yerusalyim

    The WT does NOT encourage being caught out by the law though.

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