Elder Pleads For Money For Local Needs Talk!

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  • RunningMan

    The begging for money is becoming more and more blatant at the District Convention. Every announcement begins with an explanation of how donations are used and why they are important, followed by detailed instructions on how to donate and receive a receipt. That's 6 lengthy announcements at every convention. The waters under the old whore are indeed drying up.

  • Nosferatu
    The WBTS does not care whether the local Hall pays their bills or not

    It's funny how Jehovah will apparently provide for the rank & file, but not for the Kingdom Halls.

  • JH

    Everybody needs money. If they lack money in certain congregations, why can't richer congregations help out. Afterall, it's the same religion, same God.

  • JH

    I guess that the excess money in certain congregations go straight to NY, so there is never any left to help out poor congregations.

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    My apostate activities in the past 12+years have been significant in costing the WT$ money.

    I am gloating. Too Happy Way Too Happy Raise The Roof Wakka Wakka

  • Yerusalyim

    Really? What's your secret to costing the WTBTS money? And can I help?

  • Elsewhere

    Didn't Russel say that if money ran short it should be taken as a sign of god's disapproval?

  • joenobody

    Hmmm... let me think this one through. Imagine a scenario where the WTS continues to emphasize donations directly to the worldwide work as opposed to supporting local Kingdom Halls. There's a real problem with going down that road - they need to strike a precarious balance. They need the local KHs to operate in order to have regular "sales meetings" to keep people active and in fear. If the congregations started to dry up, they would feel the pinch. I think in the long run if they could avoid having local KHs which are a drain of publishers money, they would give them up as long as it didn't affect the bottom line.

    But they know they can't. You need to keep a sales force active out in the field. Tough balancing act they are trying to pull off.

  • minimus

    I never could understand why circuits and congregations that ran in defecits would give large donations to the Society.

  • blobby
    Where there has been a need, Jehovah?s loyal servants have always responded generously. For example, in Moses? day, material things were needed to construct the tabernacle

    Its only when you see post like that, you realise what a mug you'd been !

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