My exhibition private view is tomorrow :s - wish me luck?

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  • reboot

    im SO nervous...10 of us are exhibiting at a prestigious gallery in the South.was ok but am bricking it now.its in a beautiful georgian house gallery that Dickens and Thackery regularily visited when it was a house...(you can vote for it on Restoration programme bbc2 july 25- or it could close...arts funding crisis feeds the soul and soothes the mind and is sometimes the most easily accessable social concince/voice.....)

    .Hope everyone turns up.Should have 150-200 people ..invitations have gone out..copious amounts of wine bought..have got waitresses sorted out and just got to hope we're well received or we'll all be in the corners drinking and bereft of all our confidence.......i've invited all my local friends most of whom are school teachers or just lovely , so they might justcounteract a friend's over critical father and another's partner who's able to flatten your confidenceat 50 paces....can you tell ive hit the winealready? lol im throwing them all a party to celebrate the end of this course and the start of the degree next sat so if its a disaster we'll jsut drown our sorrows there...and if we sell any we're all going on holiday together..

    i'll post if it was a total disaster...and *newsflash* reboot's gonna wear a skirt.....that hasnt happened in a while......

  • ohiocowboy

    I wish you lots of luck!!! I bet you will get rave reviews of your work. I can't wait until you post some of your paintings for us to see!!!

    Have a glass of wine for me......Cheers!

  • reboot

    ((((ohio))))) thanks ((you)) i certainly will-i'll raise my first of many just for you and i'llt try to work out how to postthem. perhaps someome will help me out...they're painted using unconcious scanning method and lateral thinking , a little post war.bruke....after the wars artists painted to cope with what they'd seen...not too happy I didnt know about that period til i'd researched it afterwards when i realised they looked a little similar...but hopfully they'll be thought provoking.and have created emotional responses already so finger's crossed...

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Congratulations!!!!!! How exciting! I'd say I'd keep my fingers crossed for ya, but something tells me you shouldnt need it. Let us know how it turns out

  • reboot

    thanks honey....will just claim someone elses are mine if they hate them lol

  • Corvin

    Lotso luck to you!

  • Crazy151drinker

    Good luck!

  • Sunspot

    How EXCITING for you!

    Sending along MY best and wishing you good luck along with the rest here....



  • bem

    WOW: I am so excited for you... Heres wishing you all the best...Have loads of fun and keep up the confidence

  • gitasatsangha

    Good luck! I hope the day meets your fondest expectations.

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