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  • Mulan

    I was thinking it's too bad you can't read it. My cousin's son read this poem that he wrote. It had a big impact at her memorial and made the JW's gasp, including Sharon's mother and her daughters in law, who are JW's. This son is out like us. It kind of sums things up, I think. But they would never read this one.

    "Have You Seen God's Love?"

    Mom, have you seen God's love today?
    I was hoping to find it because it's especially hard today
    It was here just a while ago

    Mom, where has God's love gone?
    I looked at the Kingdom Hall but they said I could not ask
    I looked at Grandma's house where I was sure to find it
    She said I could find it at the Kingdom Hall

    I heard them tell of their own love
    But, it's God's love I am looking for
    I will know it when I see it

    God's love is kind, never rude
    God's love takes no offense and is not resentful
    God's love does not remember our wrongs but is always ready to excuse

    There is no end to it's trust and hope
    God's love endures whatever comes
    It never fails

    Oh! - here it is!
    I knew I would find it with you
    You had it all the time

    It was you who showed me God's love
    You were kind and generous, never rude
    You overlooked our errors and always excused us
    Full of trust and hope, you never failed

    Thank you for helping me find God's love
    I knew you had it all the time.

    I love you Mom
    I will see you again when I get to where you have gone
    God bless you
    God bless us all.

  • Swan

    My deepest sympathy!


  • Special K
    Special K

    I think it would be great for you to write something for your mom (if you want to)...

    You could write a light one for the Kingdom Hall, focusing on positive thoughts about your mother with maybe even some I remember when ..... etc.or there was the time when. ... Nice that you and your other sisters are making this a joint thing.

    I'm sure you are very emotionaly drained. Sleep when you can and sounds like you have a very considerate husband there with you. That is always a big help.

    But you could also write a more heartfelt letter to your Aunt and family members that you mentioned.That letter could be more open to express your thoughts and feelings in.

    MULAN.. thanks for posting those poems etc. and the stories behind them. I enjoyed reading them. They were really nice.

    Thinking of you ((((( sentinel )))) . I have a poem about a tall ship that I want read at my funeral.

    I have also read it at funerals for two people who were especially close to me. To tell you that it is hard to read when you are in the throws of sadness, luckily when I started crying and couldn't finish, my husband stepped up and finished it for me. If I can find it, I'll post it up for you. It is my favourite.

    In the meantime, when I have my afternoon tea, I'll light up my tea-light for you and send you good vibrations that help you sleep soundly and to help you through...

    love from Special K

  • bebu

    I think writing something would be a great idea.

    I'm sure they will not edit the kind of thing that SHOULD be said at funerals--expressions of love and grief and remembrance--but seem to be missing from the JW funeral program. I am sure they would edit anything they find offensive.

    But I suspect that your eulogy will be a very wonderful one, and they would find no fault in it.

    Take care, (((((Sentinel /Karen)))))).


  • Sentinel

    Well what a day this has been. My brother has been sick for two days, and my next sister is going into the hospital due to her Hepatitis C flare-up and resulting shingles. She's in pretty bad shape.

    Today it was my task to critique the obituary that was written up for the paper in Florida, which we all did through emails back and forth and back and forth; and they commissioned me to do the one for our home town in Maryland. I'm glad that's done. Reading and re-reading it and making changes, etc. was quite depressing.

    There will be a memorial "talk" on Monday July 5th at five PM at her KH. Seems they really had a time trying to "fit" mom in. (she will have been dead nineteen days.) I did write something up and my brother will give it to the speaker with "our" wishes that it be included. It's doubtful that anything outside of the rigid speech will be included, but one can always hope.

    I'm depressed, but that is normal. I've broken down a bit more today, but that's okay. Grieving has many facets. I've lost a first husband, dear friends and family, my dad, and now my mom. Each grief is different.

    I don't know if I should keep posting on this thread, or let it close and just update everyone on a another thread later on.You have shown me so much love. My husband says you all must care for me so much to post all the condolences that are here. And they keep coming. Thank you so very much!

    Love, Karen

  • Sassy

    We love you Karen, Sentinel...

  • CountryGuy


    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Please take care of yourself during this difficult time.


  • maybesbabies

    (((((Karen))))) My heart is with you, I know what it's like to lose a mother. My deepest sympathies, and if you ever need to talk, please feel free to PM me.

  • Golf

    My condolences.

    Guest 77

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