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  • BluesBrother
    Sometimes, intelligent people have an emotional blind spot. Some of the lawyers may be true believers

    Euphamism is right. .. I was amazed at the article in Awake, Sept.22 2003. It was the story of Kenneth Tanaka , a scientist who was "Mapping Mars for the U S Geological Survey" and worked with NASA. ....He said "As a scientist, I have no taste for credulity", but he gave it up and now Pioneers..

    He is not a stupid man but certainly has some kind of blind spot... I cannot understand

  • Gerard

    I've seen an ad by the WT in a University's Law school. Lawyers are hired as mercenaries; They don't have to believe, just get payed.

    The governing body is trying to control the show using their mind control. The lawyers are there for damage control.

    It was also discussed in this thread:

  • heathen

    I agree that lawyers are not trained to find the truth . Lawyers are trained how to win cases . How many times have we seen murderers get off on technicalities ? I think to argue the cases that the WTBTS argues requires lawyers who specialize in the the US constitution , I don't think we are talking criminal lawyers . It takes a supreme court to interpret the constitutionality of law . I just saw something last night that a state justice of the peace was marrying gay couples because his personal opinion was that the ban is unconstitutional , this judge did not have the authority to rule on the constitutionality of the law so is being investigated by federal courts .BTW I do agree with the state justice on it , there is nothing in the constitution that forbids gay marriage . So what we have is the government claiming the constitution says something it doesn't . These same type of cases appear to happen to the WTBTS . Freedom of religion is guaranteed ,yet the government would continue to pass unconstitutional laws in regard to free speach and the right to peaceful assembly .

  • XQsThaiPoes

    But guys I am not knocking you but the wts most common cases are blood, domestic, insurance claims, and taxes. I know the glamorus cases are the ones you site. But in the day in the life of the watchtower those are the only cases most people hear about. Also in most big markets for the wts they won freedom a long time ago. THey barely care about expanding into real banned countries legitimately and resort to comic bookish schemes to "preach the good news". If I didn't know better I'd say in banned lands the work expands because get is very entertaining to be a JW. It is like being a CIA spy you lie you smuggle have a false identity an alter ego. You are james bond with NWT.

  • heathen

    XQ --- I don't see how that can be entertaining . You have to live a secrete life always in danger of being arrested or abused . I have read what goes on in georgia and it aint pleasant , people are suffering in big ways , malawie was another example of the misery associated with the whole thing .

  • seesthesky

    Wow, some interesting posts here regarding the training for and practice of law.

    Contrary to many of the posts here, lawyers do not work only to win. We often work to advise so that no litigation arises (this of course depends on the type of law practice).

    Appellate lawyers, such as those who represent the WT in appellate courts (including the U.S. Supreme Court), win not by twisting facts but by arguing - based on precedent, logic, reason, policy concerns and so on - that a particular law should apply a particular way in particular circumstances. Essentially, such lawyers argue for specific interpretations.

    Trial lawyers, however, do argue the meaning of and put spin on facts so that jurors (and sometimes judges) can decide whom to believe.

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