Ode to the trolleys in Feb's broadcast

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  • cappytan
  • WingCommander

    With each passing month, my jaw falls harder onto the floor, and I strain to pick it back up and attach it to my skull. 

    What the h*ll was THAT?  I am 35.  I was told all thru my youth that Disney and movies that gave human voice or human attributes to animals or inanimate objects was "promoting magic", and was "like Satan the Devil", and to be avoided at all costs.  And now, to see THIS?  You gotta be kidding me!  Door-to-door in the 1980's was h*ll as a kid.  Knocking on the doors of your schoolmates, being made an a** out of and never living it down.  Now, all the youth have to do is trout out this literature cart and start their time while they walk the mall or surf at the beach while the cart "does the witnessing" for them up on the boardwalk.  Incredible!!!!!!!!!!  

    And if that simple-minded musical ear-rape wasn't bad enough, having Sam Herd sit there and tell us that "Unity in all aspects of our life glorifies God...." and "Unity is the sign of true worship......."  are such twisted statements.  He meant to say, "Obedience to the Governing Body is equal to glorifying God, no matter what we tell you." 

    Crazy, cultist, LOONS!  So much for being able to actually defend or explain your beliefs from the BIBLE.....Nope!  Now it's just whip out the iPad and direct unsuspecting, gullible public to the jw cult website.  Incredible!!!!

     - Wing Commander

  • millie210

    My impression is that Herd doesnt approve at all but feels he has to go along for the sake of unity.

    Either that or he sucks lemons on stage.

    Why is his Rolex fake? Is it?

    If its real that is sad. Remember the Ray Stevens song about that?

    If it is fake that is even sadder. 

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    What the h*ll was THAT?  I am 35.  I was told all thru my youth that Disney and movies that gave human voice or human attributes to animals or inanimate objects was "promoting magic"

    Heard the exact same thing my entire life, too WINGCOMMANDER.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Wow. This is certainly not the religion that I grew up in. I am not saying that the religion that I grew up in was better, but it was certainly different. What exactly is the governing body trying to do? What is their overall agenda? If you thought that the witnesses were odd a few years ago, you must think that they are downright loony at this point.

  • OrphanCrow

    I can't watch all of it...

    But I love that Herd's clip-on microphone looks like a cross pin.

  • WingCommander
    I hope they put crazy-eyed Heaven's Gate wannabe "Lett" back on these video's more.  He's really whack!  He actually believes his own BS!!!  I bet that wide-eyed clown has awoken more people in his video's than we could believe. 
  • Retrovirus
    A belated thought on this - if there's a message it seems to be that the cart does the witnessing. Nothing is required of the 'ministers' except to stock it, place it and return it.
  • stuckinarut2

    Good thought retrovirus....

    In fact, if the average witness opens their mouth now, they will do more harm than good! They are simply too dumb to engage in a REAL BIBLICAL discussion with people!

    So the GB is probably glad that the "cart" does more speaking for them!


    Maybe the cart will be made responsible for court appearances, instead of the GB??


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