Ode to the trolleys in Feb's broadcast

by konceptual99 49 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • neverendingjourney

    I watched 10 seconds of that....on mute...and felt deeply uncomfortable.  

    I can only wonder what my family members think when they watch that crap.  It's no longer the religion I grew up in, that's for sure.

  • freemindfade

    Getting creepier by the day....

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    It sounds like a 60's musical. That guy that was talking before the video gives me the creeps. Looks like he was reading it all of a teleprompter.
  • sparrowdown

    Trolley-love, that's gotta be some kinda mental illness.

  • stuckinarut2

    That was perhaps one of the most STOOOOPID things I have ever seen coming out of the org!


    I wished the dog that went up and sniffed the cart cocked its leg and peed on it instead! 

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I watched the trolley "musical" and stopped for a look at some other spots. The music, graphics, and a few young faces amid the usual cult stuff delivered by old white dudes brings one thing to mind:

    They can try their best on the web and build new KHs with windows, but the cult is still a turd.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions


    So when I first saw this thread, I was at school and on my iPad and the video wouldn't play.

    And I'm thinking to myself, "You know, these apostate bastards really like to EXAGGERATE everything, trying to make the 'Society' look bad."

    So when I get home, I put this video up on my computer . . . . . .. 

    Holy f-ING shit!

    I expected mild lunacy.

    This video exceeded my expectations!

    Now did anyone else think this sounds like something out of the B-way show "The Book of Mormon"? I sure did.

    Even the vocalist sounds like one of the original B-way players. 

    Yotube "I Believe". You'll see what I mean.

  • All for show
    All for show

    I showed this to my husband, within 15 seconds he was disgusted. He asked if he was supposed to show this to other intelligent humans. He also mentioned it's weird, as in, "f%*$ing weird witnesses are playing non JWs interested in the literature, to be viewed by only JWs" 

    also.... The new Caleb and Sophia, Pay Attention at Meeting, is ridiculous. Especially as a parent....the fear, guilt, shame techniques. He was mortified they produce this crap and feels bad for the future kids who don't live up to the fake cartoon characters.

    Thanks JW broadcasting for helping to wake up my husband! 


    Ive got wheels         and Ive got racks             I've got books           and Ive got tracts !!!

    Me and the missus pissed ourselves laughing at that - Disney here we come.....

    This is frickin unbelievable !!! I don't know what to say.....

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Hey thats in San Diego.  Right in the middle of Balboa park, and with the Filipino ladies that are down here.

    What a trip.   A lot of people in the videos I recognize.......a lot. 

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