Funny News From My Old Congragation - Elder Fight!

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  • steve2

    Well that's one body of elders that has failed to keep its shenanigans private. We look forward to more tales from Pale Emperor.

  • FedUpJW

    Sounds like the eldurr that made the statement during his PT (Are You Building With Fire Resistant Materials) that Proverbs 22: 6 meant that if youngsters grew up and left Da Troof it was because the parents failed.

    I asked him after the meeting if he REALLY meant that the parents were to blame for their children leaving Da Troof? He very forcefully said that is what the Bible says! So I asked him to explain who was to blame and failures for Satan leaving, Adam and Eve leaving, and Judas Iscariot leaving.

    It took two other brothers to restrain him, and one to restrain me if I had to defend myself! What a moron he is! I pity the southwest United states congregation he is ruling in now!

  • Ding

    Such things can't happen in Jehovah's happy organization / spiritual paradise.

  • blankspace

    The congregation that I grew up in had elders brawling in a open parking lot behind the kingdom hall...even while the meetings were on. This was back in the 80's. The reason? Some elders misused donations and the poor accounts servant found out about it. When he highlighted it, they beat him up, and beat up the other elders too who tried to stand up for him. My dad is now pomo. I'm still pimo, mainly for family and because I haven't had the courage to make a clean break yet. I'm a born-in, and my entire family and my husband's family are all still in. They've seen the crap within the organisation but they are sorta stuck for life. So I'm holding on until that "generation" (not the overlapping one) passes away. But yes, elder brawls are more common than are commonly known.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you P.E. for this story. It does remind me while I was still a elder in the last congregation I was in there was several elder meetings where two other elders almost came to blows. One was a older X-CO the other a 40's elder who hated this guy. I feel justly so because the former CO was committing simony with everyone and lying about his heavy drinking. When the acting CO came in town to fix this situation he sided with the x-CO. It was a real eye opener for me on favoritism that was shown. Soon after the 40's elder was killed in a auto accident and things clam down. I would wager this happens a lot more than you think. I hope you come up with more stories like this. Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • pale.emperor


    C'mon! every week p.e. has a new story to tell. It's a continuous soap opera of his family and old congregation that never ends.

    And on that note i'll refrain from posting.

    I'll just read the posts and not contribute. Take care everyone!

  • recovering

    No no we all enjoy your stories

  • freddo

    P.E. Don't let a curmudgeonly naysayer drive you away. You are a valuable and trusted member of this forum.

  • sparrowdown

    A couple of "pricks" fighting? Come on, you gotta expect a bit of hijinks from the lads 😉

  • slimboyfat

    Strange they should argue over something there's a clear WT ruling on.

    There's probably background to the dispute in other issues as it's hard to believe many elders would go out on a limb to defend the rights of DFed people.

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