Funny News From My Old Congragation - Elder Fight!

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  • pale.emperor

    I haven't stopped laughing since i heard this. A PIMO in my last congregation told me that an elder has been removed from his elder position. Apparently he grabbed another elder by the throat, put him up against a wall in the back room and punched him in on the nose... DURING AN ELDERS MEETING on Thursday evening after the meeting.

    The congregation were running round like headless chickens wondering what to do? Call the police? Sweep it under the rug? Tell others? Stay silent?

    The elder who got a whack on the nose is a total prick though. He was on the JC when i got DF'd.

    The elder who threw the punch is also a total prick. He once gave an answer in the Watchtower which said, and i quote: "Sometimes it's reasonable to hate. I hate some people in this congregation. But that just means i love them a little less."

    The PIMO brother is friends with an elder (my ex-wifes dad) and he was told they were arguing over wether DF'd people should be made to sit in special chairs at the back.

    The elder body is collapsing from within. Excellent news.

  • ToesUp

    "The elder who got a whack on the nose is a total prick though. The elder who threw the punch is also a total prick."

    So many pricks. lol

    This is all that is going to be left on the Elder bodies. Pricks! They will feed on each other. Fun to hear about! Don't you just love these "fine experiences?" ha ha

  • freddo

    Brilliant news.

    By the way there was some QFR or KM article fairly recently saying DF'd should not be made to sit at the back.

    Edit: Found it ... 2013 - so not too far back. I've edited it for length.

    *** w13 8/15 p. 8 Questions From Readers ***

    There is no reason to be unduly concerned about the seating location of a disfellowshipped person in the Kingdom Hall.

    ... (edited for length)

    When it comes to Kingdom Hall seating arrangements, it would seem reasonable that a disfellowshipped minor could also quietly sit with his parents. Since it is not required that a disfellowshipped person sit at the back of the hall, there should be no objection if a disfellowshipped child sits next to his parents, wherever they are sitting.

    ... (edited for length)

    Whether a disfellowshipped person sits next to a relative or next to any other member of the congregation should not be a cause for concern as long as he behaves properly. Restricting where a person sits could give rise to various problems, depending on the circumstances. If all present, including faithful relatives, are endeavoring to respect Bible principles relating to disfellowshipping, and it is not becoming a cause for stumbling to the brothers, there is no need to make an issue of the seating arrangements of those attending Christian meetings.

  • blownaway

    Of all the elders I ever knew more were pricks then were good people.

  • Londo111

    Most elder bodies have feuds going on behind closed doors. Of course, it rarely results in an outright brawl.

  • jp1692

    Freddo found it!

    This just shows what small-minded idiots many JWs can be. They can't even follow their own stupid rules.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • joe134cd

    Reminds me of an elder who I knew. He was nick named " Charles the hit man Glendening". Go figure on that one.

  • snare&racket

    An elders (P.O.) wife and daughter, due to nerves, would rarely do KMS items or answer up. One elder didn’t like this decided to ask them from the platform to read a verse ..... it was awkward and intentional. “Maybe sister X would like to read this .....” after the meeting those two elders were eye to eye down the front of the hall shouting at each other. It was embarrassing.

    I have never met an elder who acted like he had the lives of 100 people in his care, it matters because it means they never REALLY believed they did. That’s not how you behave or treat each other if you believe that.

  • nowwhat?

    C'mon! every week p.e. has a new story to tell. It's a continuous soap opera of his family and old congregation that never ends.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What I would like to hear is a leaked story of a punch up at a GB committee meeting!

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