The Elder's Boy's Club

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  • Yerusalyim

    I'll be one of those old men hanging out at the barber shop discussing the weather, politics, and the big butt on that girl that just moved to town.

  • minimus

    Yeru, you'd make a fine elder.

  • gumby
    Why do some elders LOVE being elders?

    SOME......, do it for the same reason men become cops. They like the authority and power it gives. Many of these types are abusive......just like some cops are.

    Others get kinda 'pushed' into becoming an elder but would rather not be one.

    I reached out to be one because that's what I was suppose to do......reach out. I was used at an early age because of a shortage of brown-nosin' brothers.


  • simplesally

    Elders love to be in the know. I agree that a lot of them do it for the same reason other men become policemen. They love their special meetings after the CA and most recently the special meeting that only the elders and their families got to attend..........oh the privileges.

    But, too, there are some elders who really do care for the ones in their bookstudy. However, all that stops if you don't follow their counsel.

  • minimus

    They like getting "new lite" first.

  • FlyingHighNow
    There are some elders that REALLY LOVE to talk. They just LOVE to meet and chit-chat about anything. It make them feel special.

    Hey, hey, hey wait just one minute here. Only women love to talk too much and gossip. At least a lot of men act like talking too much and gossip is strictly the domain of women.

    Here it is. Mark this spot. A man brave enough to admit that men love to talk and gossip. No more disparaging remarks about women and talking too much again.


  • Atilla

    They love it because most elders are losers in their normal everday life. Let's face it, most elders don't come by the position by having a successful career. Every single elder in my hall excluding my father, who did go to college, had crapy jobs and crapier houses. The eldership is the only vestige of power or prestige that these men have. They most likely got the position by being very loyal and probably being married to some loyal dub sister who doesn't give oral. I never really did understand why my father became an elder with his college background-i.e. being in a fraternity, voting, basically having a normal life. This still angers me and when I ask today about his college life-he will tell me that college wasn't that important-yeah right, it only gave him everything he has till this day. It just goes to show you how brain washed you can become.

  • Yerusalyim
    Yeru, you'd make a fine elder.

    Minimus, you cut me to the quick, I'm devastated you'd dislike me enough to throw that kind of insult, you might as well have called me a liberal and it would have hurt less.

  • minimus

    Ahhhh Yeru, I was only kidding!.........Regarding elders being "losers", many of them are. Their only position they will ever have is through the congregation. In the "real world", they are the window washers, the cheese and cracker men, the high school dropouts, the "leaders of the flock"........What a hoot!

  • Purple

    ..and the difference between them and the general congregation would be?????????? No wonder the congs are the loveless cold places they are if that is the example the so called elders or leaders of the congregation act!

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