The Elder's Boy's Club

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  • minimus

    Why do some elders LOVE being elders? It's because they belong to a club. It's an exclusive club. Only "older men" are allowed in. When you're a member of the Boy's Club, you get special "privileges". You can sit around with other grown men and "legally gossip" about everyone in the congregation. You can malign and even talk slanderously about people under your care because you belong to the "Boy's Club". You can judge and shun anyone you think is not worthy because you're a member of the "club". You can feel real important, too! Being an elder is like being a very important executive. You get to have important meetings about everything and everyone! If a fellow "Boy's Club" member has some juicy gossip that he's heard about another member of the congregation, he must tell the entire "Boy's Club" so that everyone can get in on the allegations. It can make an elder feel very, very important to know that they alone have the ability to make your life miserable or very happy. Being a member of the "Boy's Club" shows everyone out there that you are an important person. Ordinary people will shake your hand and invite you over their house because they know you are special.........Being a part of the "Boy's Club" is indeed a "special privilege".

  • freelife

    I hate clubs unless they are drinking clubs

  • dustyb

    don't forget their wives. their wives have a little, "I'm the elders wife" club. and they say anything they please. i remember an elders wife going around the congregation telling everyone that my g/f was on private reproof, which doesn't make it private anymore....hmmm, coincidence, I THINK NOT.

  • scotsman

    Is this an American thing?

    The elders here don't seem to hang out unless they have to. At least my father didn't, my brothers don't and in my short period as an elder, I didn't.

  • dustyb

    i know its kinda prevalent here, but thats because of all the elders meetings. i think they talk about other matters as well....

  • minimus

    There are some elders that REALLY LOVE to talk. They just LOVE to meet and chit-chat about anything. It make them feel special. If they were not elders they would belong to some social club----just to get out of the house and be with the boys.

  • wednesday

    we had a group of elders and selected "special ones" that used jto go to the country westren dance halls and fell get "giggy" as Jerry Seinfeld would say.

  • logansrun


    Never mind.


  • Strawberryfieldsforever

    Elders do love to talk!

    The ones that I was involved with ( bad girl that I am) loved to gossip. One of them was a regular at work in all the back room gossip sessions. He knew everything about everyone in town. Makes me wonder if he told everyone about me. It's supposed to be private, but is it really?

  • minimus

    The point is that if you are an elder-----it's not gossip.

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