Are you happy or are you sad with your life now? WHY?

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  • Sentinel

    Happiness is really such a broad term. One can be happy, no matter what is going on in some circumstances. Despite suffering and pain, they can still keep on keepin on, as long as they feel they are doing the right thing. It empowers them. I know. I've been there.

    When I was a JW, I was seldom what you would call "happy". But I continued believing that this was my sacrifice in life. I think I also had other issues going on, such as a dysfunctional family, low self-esteem, and depression even when I was young. The JW experience magified my insecurities and held me captive for so much of my life--well until I was about 54 before I made a very determined effort to get rid of all that baggage that was still a part of me, even though I had walked away some twenty years prior. That is rather amazing to me, as I type this much of my life lived in fear of laying everything out and disecting it

    I would say now that I am a joyful person and that I experience happiness for all the right reasons, so much more than ever before in my life. Unbelievable that I denied myself that right for so long. I cannot blame anyone but myself.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I am happy and content with my life now. My mind is open and tolerant of other opinions; ways of life and differing perspectives. The global villiage is big enough for ALL of us. ( yes, including our JW friends)

    I think for myself and make my OWN decisions. I also feel I am a part of the greater world and culture around me and that feels great! I like to think that I can contribute something to society.

  • blondie

    I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am content with my life. No regrets.

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why they call it "the present."


  • Elsewhere

    Considering the fact that I no longer want to do "performance art" at an art show where I use a shotgun to "paint" a ceiling canvas with my brain... I'd say I'm much happier.

    As Daffy Duck once said: My only regret is that I can only do the act once!

  • Special K
    Special K

    I am happy with my own emotional life inside.. I think I have scars from the J.W.s but feel that they have been worked through.


    Special K

  • freelife

    I am the happiest now. I found my soulmate out here in the world. My conscience does not bother me anymore. I don't get as depressed. I Love my new life and i will never regret it.

  • Flash

    I much am happier since I took action to protect myself from the gross error of the GB/Organization.
    My big concern is do we attribute the error of men to God? I think it would be a mistake for us to do that.
    I still worship Jehovah and I am not a slave to men.

  • joannadandy

    Life is life, good days and bad still come and go...tho now more good than bad it would seem. I have more hope than I ever used to. Which is odd considering I used to have paradise erf hanging in front of me...and yet, I feel like I could do anything...(within reason of course)

  • simplesally

    I would say I am much happier now. I no longer have to worry about the meetings. I was a regular attender, prepared and also out in service until I got df'd. At first, I missed the routine but it was so hard to go after work once I had a baby. I think if I was single I might have tried to get reinstated and not been posting/reading over here. But my daughter was so little, just under a year and it was difficult to go alone to meetings and take her.

    Now, I have great job, a nice house that I don't have to struggle to make the payments and can play dominoes and matching games with my girl at night ................ fix dinner, play and get ready for bed at a reasonable time.

  • Sassy

    I'm very happy with my life right now. I have a good job, good friends, a man who makes me very happy and the freedom to enjoy life without the guilt that I had as a JW when no matter what you did, it was never enough..

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