Are you happy or are you sad with your life now? WHY?

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  • fearnotruth22

    Being a jw has affected our life.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    I'm very happy with my life now, for the first time. I can't express well enough how wonderful it is to have a FREE MIND.

    The freedom from unreasonable control is great. The freedom from always judging myself and others is great. The freedom to choose volunteer work that I'd love to do, such as at a hospital or convalescent home or Huntington Gardens or a National Park or whatever, is great!

    Freedom from excessive fear based on lies is priceless.

    There are countless reasons why I am happy with my life now.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Oh much happier now. JWs nearly killed me. I miss my kids and grandkids but other than that much happier. They are not dubs, they just live in other states.

    I don't have the burdon of the meeting schedule and studying and service. I can complain about the WTBTS and state my misgivings with them.

    I have a wonderful relationship now and headship is not part of it. This is two adults respecting each other and treating each other as equals. No competition.

    I can say good luck and not worry it! So many pluses to being out. Gotta love it.


  • seattleniceguy

    I'm unbelievably much happier now. And let me tell you that I was a pretty positive person to begin with. So you lurkers, if you're doing the thing where you're saying, "Well, maybe it's not all true, but it's a good way of life, and I'm happy," let me tell you, I have experienced shades of happiness I did not know were possible since I left.

    Why? Because I can live my life with pure devotion to truth and reality now. I no longer have to hide from information. I can be completely honest and objective with myself and the universe. I can stop judging, ranking, and classifying everything and everyone in terms of good and bad. I can build real relationships with people. Life is so incredibly much more than what I knew as a Witness. It's like going from black and white to color.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Seattle - I absolutely love the points you just made. I want to memorize them. "I no longer have to hide from information." "Devotion to reality." "No more ranking, classifying" etc. "Like going from black and white to color." Thanks

  • elamona

    Who can top SNG's reply- ditto!!!!!

  • darkuncle29

    I am content with my life. I see my JW experience as a valuable commodity. The lessons were at times painful, but I am thankful for them. I now know what it feels like to have ones beliefs and views manipulated; or would that be manipulated by ones views and beliefs? How many people who have never been JWs can say that? I know that there are people who have probably learned that lesson elsewhere. I am just saying that JW are one school for that valuable life lesson.

    I am content with my life because I see possibilities before me now, that before I was unaware of. If given the opportunity to live my life over, I would hope that I did things better, but I would not change facing the choices that I had to make. I try and keep that in my mind when I am faced with choices now.

  • dustyb

    well when i was in i thought i was happy, then i knew what it was like outside and i felt human feelings for the first i was happier

    my girlfriend said she was happy being a dub, but when we were outside not talking about any dubdom and doing things that the elders didn't want us to (like be alone), she was relaly really happy and forgot about everything (same with me). so ya, i'm happy when i don't have to go back to meeting, but i'm sad because i know good people who follow these bastards, and i know kids (my old friends before i left for the first time) that have wasted all of their youth on a bunch of cockhead motherfockers.....

  • Sirona

    I can relate to Seattleniceguys comments about shades of happiness.

    As a JW there were times when I felt "happy" but now I know that it wasn't the true happiness that comes from being true to yourself and who you REALLY are. The WTS would have us all be JW Clones (they call it "unity") and that isn't good for anyone's psychological health.

    I'm so much happier now, I can't even put it into words.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Content! Why? It gives me a feeling of self-worth and an optimistic view of life.

    Guest 77

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