Are you happy or are you sad with your life now? WHY?

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    My answer to that changes, oh, about every five minutes or so...

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    I like SNG's and everyones comments

    I'm so much more happier being out. I'm not going to say that everything is just fantastic, because things happen and events happen that still cause saddness. However I look at things with new eyes that are not shaded with JW cult thinking.

    I no longer look at the news and think "ooooh the end is sooo close"

    The black and white to color analogy is fantastic and is so true.

    I also like to equate JW world with being stuck in a small box. Your world and all your friends are in that box. You arent allowed to form any close relationships with anyone outside of that box, because they are all doomed for destruction.

    And suddenly the box is gone and a whole different world opens up before you. You can think clearly, everyone is not doomed. You can live for today and enjoy relationships you have now instead of living for some distant future thing. The world is so much larger and full of oportunities that we can enjoy now. Learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, travel and experience other cultures. Live life to the fullest and enjoy what you can.

    Life is what you make it right?


  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    Whether a Joe Wit or not Im a miserable Son of a Bitch who hates life and everyone around me. Life has dealt me a bad set of cards and it's just to late. The question should be why did I end up with parents who were Joe Wits that f*($ up my life and that the damage can't be turned around.

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