Are You Still Torn, Wondering Whether You Made The Right Decision To Leave?

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  • Amazing
    Are You Still Torn, Wondering Whether You Made The Right Decision To Leave?

    Absolutely, without question, doubt, or fear.

  • darkuncle29

    My only regret is that I did not get out sooner. I wasted my 20's trying to figure out god and sexuality. I am glad I experienced what I did, many lessons there. But I still wish that I'd gotten out sooner. I now seem to be stuck in the "getting on with life" step.


    I'm not second guessing myself at all! I KNOW I made the right decision! My new life has convinced me long ago of the rightness of my decision to leave. Thank you boorish bully jw elders for disfellowshipping me!!!!!!

    What kind of crazy question you asking there, Minimus...?


  • slipnslidemaster
  • cypher50

    I just wish that I had been more diplomatic in telling my mom so I could get her to listen to the things I learned about the Society...otherwise, hell no. In fact, I wished I had done this back in high school before I got caught up & baptized.

  • FlyingHighNow

    If I would have stayed it would have killed me physically and emotionally. The stress caused my body to break down. It caused my emotions to shut down. It wrecked my kid's lives. It destroyed our family. I have no regrets upon leaving. I am only sorry I ever got mixed up with the WTBTS.

    Stilla you said:

    well at the moment minimus I am still in -- just -- one of the reasons is I am about 98% sure --but not 100 sure they are wrong
    Wow. They may have a thing or two right: does that make them God's only channel here on earth? 2% of you has doubts, even after having read here and having seen with your own eyes how the Governing Body has destroyed people's lives, good and sincere people, too? Example: the Malawi/Mexico inconsistency that has cost so many brothers, sisters and their children their lives unecessarily. Maybe once you do get away from the org for a while those lingering doubts will leave you. The meetings are like one big infomercial with a hard sell and propaganda designed into each one. Maybe it's that hard sell that you can't shake. Take a loooooong vacation and don't go to meetings or read any literature while you're gone. Give yourself a chance to think without their constant propaganda. It could help you make a decision. Should I stay or should I go?
  • nobody told me
    nobody told me

    Wish I would of left sooner. Wish I could of helped some to leave. NEVER GOING BACK!!!!!

  • LittleToe

    Not torn in the slightest
    There was a lot to give up, but I'm far, far, better for it, IMHO.

  • Billygoat

    Up until several years ago when I joined this board, there was always a sliver of my mind that thought I might go back. But once I hit this board and saw all the quotes (thank you Randy!) and heard all the stories of lack of love, I was convinced. They do NOT have the Truth and I will never go back. It's been THE most freeing experience in my life thus far. Regrets? Not one.


  • Sentinel

    I absolutely have no lingering doubts. I couldn't say that even three years ago--for I still had some residual feelings of "what if they were right and I just wasn't a good person?". I was determined to force myself to face these issues, get to the root of lingering problems and be free mentally. It was a long and painful journey, but here I am. I worked very hard at finally getting all those dead borg roots out of my system and psyche. Even after leaving physically back in '81, it was amazing how much was still there, hiding, popping out now and then to fill me with guilt, fear and dread, even in my dreams. Not anymore. I'm totally FREE!!


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