What will you say to God in your defense?

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  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    I pioneered for two years, served in Bethel for one year and I volunteered at the Stanley threater for a year.

    Thats got to count for something.

  • one_ugly_time

    Because you are God you can --

    Judge people
    Manipulate the environment as you see fit
    Instill pain and suffering on those that love you
    Sacrifice your Son because he believes in you
    Create an alter-ego whose existence we are to acknowledge, but not listen to

    Oh, God, you have so many other behaviors I have issues with. I wouldn't consider you a friend and yet I wouldn't want someone like you as an enemy. So, please, just leave me alone... I'm OK right where I am.

  • jgnat

    Seen the guys booted on the Apprentice? Their excuses are so pathetic. If I stand before God accused, I say yessir. I figure those who stand before Him pleading perfection are the blind and naked ones.

    Same thing goes in everyday life. If someone points out my weakness, I have the choice of ignoring them and remaining in my unimproved state, or consider what they have to say and work to improve myself.

    I think the most fearless people in our society are those who can face their real selves.

  • Funchback

    I would tell God that O.J. did it.

  • GentlyFeral

    I would follow Robert Ingersoll's example, and invoke the Golden Rule.


    "And suppose God was about to pass judgment upon you, what would you say?" I would say to him, "Do unto others as you would that others should do unto you." Why not?
    I am told that I must render good for evil. I am told that if smitten on one cheek I must turn the other. I am told that I must overcome evil with good. I am told that I must love my enemies; and will it do for this God who tells me to love my enemies to damn his? No, it will not do. It will not do.

    -- Robert Ingersoll


  • cruzanheart

    I did my best.


  • Blueblades

    Job 40:4 "Look! I have become of little account,what shall I reply to you?My hand I have put over my mouth.


  • elamona

    I have no defense. Everything I am, everything I think and feel is laid bare before You. I cannot deny, twist, excuse or rationalize away the hateful things that I have nurtured in my heart and soul toward another human being during my life time. Every time I turned away from someone in true need, You know it. Every time I would not share my excess with those in need You have seen it. The vile things I have thought have come from my mouth and You have heard it. Every unkind cutting word that has caused others hurt,You have felt it. It is thru Your Son, Jesus Christ, that I beg for forgiveness and ask that His Blood cover my transgressions that reach up to heaven if stacked one on another.

  • dh

    but but but... she told me she was 18!

  • Huxley

    I'd say, "Hey God! Howdjya get stuck in da fence?" Huxley

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