interracial dating

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  • stillajwexelder

    I was lookin' good too that night.. they missed out.. oh well..

    Sassy I bet you look good all the time

  • DanTheMan
    not that I have turned many black men down

    Like I said before, a virtually guaranteed endless supply of willing suitors.

  • Maverick

    OK I going to have to turn the garden hose on ya?

    And Sassy...quit encouraging these guy! You bunch of cyber flirts!

    Seriously now! Would or woman...have a problem dating someone of your own race knowing they had recently dated someone of a different race? Oddly enough, this never bothered me. My ex was engaged to a black brother before she went with me. And I am one of those who believe the past should stay in the past. When a lady I'm seeing starts to pry into my past...I ain't talking about nothing that she will even be able to hurt me with...ever. So I treat them the same way.Maverick

  • scotsman

    Sometimes I despair.

    The WTBTS is not 'officially' against interracial relationships. In my 30 years as a JW I never heard anyone express even unofficial racism.

    Scotland is predominently white but I know of plenty interracial marriages amongst the Witnesses and know of none of them recieving any sort of prejudice from within their congregations. I do recall there being an article in the Awake about the difficulties that cross cultural relationships can have, but it was about how to handle them not a reason to discourage them.

    I hate the WTBTS but erroneous slurs distract from their real evils.

  • Maverick

    Scotsman, The PM I received mentioned ,"Question from readers" 1968. But because I no longer have any JW literature or CD's I can not verify. If anyone has access to this information I would be grateful! Maverick

  • scotsman

    I can check out the Watchtower CD tomorrow. But in the mean time - 1968? I believe they will have changed their stance since then. As has society.

  • garybuss

    There is only one race . . . that is the human race. I always suggest picking a mate from that group. GaryB

  • undercover
    I received a PM explaining that the offical WTS policy is to discourage interracial unions.

    Way back when, in the turbulent 60s, I remember talks that covered this subject. While they didn't come right out and deny anyone the right to marry interracially they were very adament that anyone considering it should think it through thoroughly. I reiterate that they never condemned it. They said it was up to each person/couple, but they warned that there would be trouble in any interracial relationship. After the civil unrest died down, mention of it was dropped. I know several interracial couples in the "truth". Pioneers, elders, etc. They have never been "marked" or "black-listed" for it.

    If there is one positive thing about the WTS, it has over time learned to be color-blind to some extent, at least as a corporation. Whether this is because they have truly learned from Jesus or because they realize that the color of money is more important than the color of skin, I don't know.

  • Sassy
    And Sassy...quit encouraging these guy! You bunch of cyber flirts!

    who me??? I'm innocent I tell ya!!!

    I agree with undercover, that maybe one of the positive things from being a witness was the fact that we were not taught to be predjudice. Yes there was still some predjudice in some people but as a whole it wasn't. I loved going to an assembly and looking around and seeing the array of beautiful people. I do know that my mother was never predjudiced in any way, she always said if she hadn't become a witness, she probably would have marched with others on the stand of impartiality to races. So I know I would not have been raised with an attitude about races. But I do have to admit that I was able to meet many different nationalities by being associated with the religion. Perhaps to cultures I would not have other wise, so if I can say one good thing that impacted my life, that would definately be it. Maybe sometimes when I deal with my anger in the scars I deal with yet most days from having been a JW, I need to focus on sometimes positive.

    I've had discussions with many people regarding interracial relations the past few years. I've talked to "JW" black sisters who hate white sisters who come to the east coast and take their 'men'. That attitude irritated me too. I wasn't about to go in and take their "men". From what I have seen, most men, if they are black and interested in white women, are going to date wht. But they felt like these wht women were trophies on these brothers arms. Well I don't want to be a trophie either. Fortunately we were able to understand each other through the discussions and I think we were educated on each side of the fence.

  • Nosferatu

    Man, I find it hard to believe this kind of racism exists. You hear none of it where I live. Basically, a person's skin color is equal to the color of a person's hair. The only time a person says anything about a person's skin color is when they're describing what they look like.

    I find that black people are really easy to make friends with. They're friendly as hell - even moreso than white people.

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