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  • Maverick

    Lazuli got me thinking....(Thanks Lazuli...feels good!) About the WTS and how its policies change peoples outlooks and values.

    I much as I hate to admit it....born in the Northeast, but moved to the South as a teenager. Where I lived in New England we had no black people. It was a very old, quaint, mill town that was founded by Sammule Slater named after Daniel Webster and settled by French and Polish immigrants. In this town your name started with LA or LE or ended with iak or sky.

    When I was in junior high we had a black family move into town and the daughter went to the only junior high school in town...mine! All the guys wanted to date her because she was...well different!

    When I moved to the South there was a whole different dynamic going on there. White guys would not even talk to black women and it was the black guys that where always trying to hook up with the white chicks. And if a white girl got involved with a black guy the white guys would not touch her after that.

    Now I am not trying to upset anyone here, I'm just giving some background OK...So don't PM me as this racist pig. Let me finish.

    I was witness to three years of race riots in high school, 1970-1974. Not a nice thing. At that time I would not even, for a second, consider going out with a black girl.

    In 1978 I started to get conned by the J-duds. In 1980 I moved to Southern Calif. The West Coast JW's are a lot different than their Southern Brethren. Out there there were second generation mixed marriages and anyone could and would marry anyone of whatever race, nation, island group, and or tribe on the planet! After six years of this I was OK with whatever combination I came into contact with. And the children of these unions most often were very beautiful!

    But I married a drop dead gorgeous, Calif. redhead with very white skin. Move ahead 15 years and back to Florida. We, the So. Cal. babe, part company and I meet a very nice, very dark JW. We meet weeks after the marriage ended. And I, at first, could not get past just being friends with her. I could not see myself with a black woman. It only took four years for me to overcome this....I is slow, duh!

    Now my question...did take awhile ....Did your feelings about interracial dating change after you were assimilated? The JW official policy on approving interracial long as you both are duds... seems like a decent thing. (I will tell you that in the South,single, black women are the lowest creatures on the planet, even in Dud-dom they get no respect)...Any personal stories and views? Maverick

  • darkuncle29
    And the children of these unions most often were very beautiful!

    SO TRUE! Even moreso when they're all growed up.

    I am from west central Wisconsin, and when I was young did not see any bi-racial couples that I can recall. I do not know if it was designed that way or if it just happened. We did have a few brothers and their families from african countries. One was a professor at the UW Stout. I think that that congregation would have happily supported a mixed race couple.

    In Seattle we had a few couples in our hall of mixed race. A few of them did not last. Yet a few others were married for many years. One family that sticks in my mind, the father was Philipino and German, the mother was just average caucasian american. Their children, all of whom were better looking than average, are very interesting. Some of them were blonde and blue eyed, the others were darker like Philipinoes. There is a age difference of almost 20 years between the oldest and the youngest. Very exotic looking and beautiful.

    I have been considering becoming a parent in the next fewyears. I have thought about buying an ovum from an asian background. My mom has said she'd surrogate for me-a big No No to JWs. So, that's where I stand on that.

  • Nosferatu

    There's never been a racism problem here (maybe except for natives). I've never been incredibly racist. I dated a woman who was half Filipino and one that was half native. I doubt my opinion would change if I changed locations.

  • mouthy

    My daughter married a black man( not a JW) she did become a JW after their marriage.( my fault) but I must tell you even within the rank of the Wt some of the followers look down on the blacks. my daughter & her hubby have been married 32 years & yes you are right I have "drop down dead" beautiful grandchildren-from them.He is still NOT a JW she is very much a JW...I personally believe Blood is red in all of us, That is the issue if any bodys blood is black I suggest a hospital visit they are not well.

  • mouthy


  • Sassy

    I was raised color blind.. even though I was from a predominantly white rural midwestern state. I would easily have dated a black brother had one been around to date. I remember hearing about a brother from Canada walking up to a group of sisters at a DC and asking them if any of them would date a black brother. One said yes, and that was the beginning of what lead to a marriage. I was so jealous as I found black men very attractive even then... but I did not date anyone outside of my race mostly because there were as I said, no opportunities.........and also I was concerned how my dad would handle it.. Fast forward 18 yrs.. I left my first husband..back on single track.. still in the midwest and few opportunities.. Then I moved to a state not unlike the one mentioned by Maverick.. lots of opportunities and surely less predjudice toward interracial couples.. I have dated only black men for the past 3 almost 4 yrs.. I'm very comfortable with the situation and don't really care if anyone has a problem with it.. I don't know if having been raised a JW formed my opinions regarding interracial relationships.. because my mother felt strongly against predjudice before she even became a witness.

  • stillajwexelder

    anyone could and would marry anyone of whatever race, nation, island group, and or tribe on the planet! After six years of this I was OK with whatever combination I came into contact with. And the children of these unions most often were very beautiful!

    So true -- I have visited many congregations and many mixed race kids are stunningly beautiful - I was marginally color predjudiced in my teen age years -- then I became a witness and most of my best friends have colored skin -- I am now totally color blind -- I truly do not see skin color -- in part that is due to the witness/bible teaching that we are all equal in Gods sight --Jew/gentile etc. I am passionately interested in genetics also -- and mixed race marriages do absolute wonders for the gene pool -- look at the traditional strongest nations on earth -- they are all a mixture + Roman -- Anglo -Saxon -- American etc. Also when I studied history and read about Hitlers NIGHTMARE policy of Arian supremacy -- all changed my outlook -- perhaps I should not visit any southern congregation -- so gald there is an african -american on the GB now -- pleased about Condi Rice and Colin Powell also

  • elamona

    Was born raised and have lived in the deep south all of my life. We were not raised to hate people of other colors, groups, etc. Things were segregated when I grew up but that was the way thing were- you didn't think about it , it just was. That is until the 60's when things got really bad for blacks in the south. Then we were forced to look at the kinds of things that did and continued to happen to blacks. It wasn't easy but eventually intergration and interracial dating and marriages were and are accepted for the most part. No, not everyone has been able to put the past and old ways behind them. There are some who still cling to the past and hate people for the color of their skin but they are getting rarer and rarer. As for interracial dating and marriage, I always told my kids I didn't care who they dated or married as long as they were nice, respectful, kind, hard workers, not slackers, and loving people with morals. I also told them I would much rather have them marry someone of a different color than their own color if the person of color loved them, was devoted to them , was good to them and made a faithful moral loving mate than to marry someone of their own color who would treat them badly, be unfaithful, amoral, hateful,self centered,and a bad mate who was a drunk or doper or abusive.

  • Nosferatu

    Here's a pic of the half-filipino girl I dated:


  • stillajwexelder

    wow - nos - -see what I mean about the beauty

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