interracial dating

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  • FlyingHighNow
    (I will tell you that in the South,single, black women are the lowest creatures on the planet, even in Dud-dom they get no respect)...Any personal stories and views

    I was raised in the south. I do not agree with your perception. The black sisters at my congs were always treated like any other sister. I went to several, six or seven congs all over the south and Texas. Two of these congs were 80% black.

    There are some outspoken biggots in the south. They are loud and people hear them. Most of people who are southern do not agree with these biggots. It's a shame that we are perceived the way we are because of a minority of idiots.

    Biggots exist everywhere. The difference is that some of them are clever enough to be lowkey about it.


  • Badger

    Since i'm part native and part "white" all of my dates are interracial.

    I have run into a few racist attitudes in the service overseer who counseled a interracial dating couple (Him:"Think about what their kids would be going through." Me:"What, you mean from people like you?") and a sister I worked for who would never hire Natives or Blacks because "their friends would be up here all the time talking to them." I asked what made me unique, and she said I was a brother. Thanks. She also regularly dropped the N-bomb.

  • Sassy

    I do feel though that it is important in some areas to keep in mind the big picture when dating interracially. If there are children to be planned, will you live in an area that they will be harrassed? Because I have seen that too. At least if we aren't JWs any more they dont' have that to deal with. I used to think we had so much to deal with in school just being a JW, but then being interracial in a predjudice area is even harder on kids. There are certain areas I have lived where I would not have children. I had close friends in northern Indiana who moved up north when their firstborn was about to enter school because already the KKK was making threats. It is one thing to deal with stuff as adults, we know what we are up against, but for the children, we have to think of their safety. They moved to give their children a safe environment. I respect them for it.

    They still dealt with predjudice. Her parents will still not set foot in their house. The grandchildren's pictures , as beautiful as they are, are placed in a back room, where company does not see them, while the other grandchildren (all white) are displayed in the living area where they entertain their friends. The world is full of predjudice. When you enter into a interracial relationship, you do have to be able to handle the extra things you may get, even if you do not deserve them unfortunately.

  • stillajwexelder

    Good points Sassy -- here in Missouri there are some KKK Chapters -- they definitely are not keen on the "white race" being "contaminated" and would get their kids to target inter -racial kids - SO SAD - makes me fu----g angry

  • czarofmischief

    The whole interracial thing didn't become a problem for me until AFTER I left the dubs. I kind of fell into an unhealthy, angry thought pattern that wanted to be a racist. But, essentially, I'm just too nice of a guy to live up to it. If you want to be a racist you have to be a complete a-hole, and I just can't swing it. Besides, I like kids too much to ever wish any of them harm. And when I get right down to it, most of the stuff I'm angry about in life is my own damn fault. With a little honesty, you can stop blaming everybody else and drown yourself in self-loathing, which you deserve...

    Plus, Hitler's words, which I read, are very powerful - they are like some kind of stimulant drug to a certain kind of white man; they warp your perceptions and poison your thoughts. It's only when you see the results of such thinking, actually force yourself to look and see the horrible consequences of such thoughts, that the white man can free himself from the poison of Hitler.

    I believe it was MLK who said that the irony of slavery is that it is truly the white man who was enslaved to fear, and only when prejudice had passed away would the white man be truly free.

    Sometimes I feel a little unsettled when I see a mixed race couple, but then I remember that I suppose that when the Vikings invaded Scotland 1200 years ago, it would have been shameful for a Celtic girl to marry a Viking invader - but that resulted in my own glorious parentage... ah, whatever...

    Besides, I married an Irish chick. She'd beat my ass if she caught me hating.

  • Sassy
    And if a white girl got involved with a black guy the white guys would not touch her after that.

    this attitude kills me.. do they actually think a woman would want to be with them with views like that? please! I'd go without sex first... and you all know I enjoy it.

  • nilfun

    I think the question of how to raise a child who will not internalize racist attitudes s/he is confronted with is one that all parents need to consider.

    Not just 'interracial' couples. All parents.

    To those that think 'mixed' children carry a heavy burden: It is only as heavy as Mom and Pop want to make it.

    Because if you think about it, there are many, many children in this world who are targets of hate based on their 'racial' composition.

    But I guess all people (Jewish/Black/ Catholic/Gay) who may be targeted by the KKK should just stop having children, hey?

  • Sassy

    I agree with you that all parents no matter the race have responsibility in training their children.

    But for those who have mixed children, out of love, they would keep in mind to put their child in 'safe' areas. There are some battles we can't win. We can give them color blind training, but we can't control the training from the other parents.

    I don't think of this as a burden, but more of a reality.

  • nilfun
    But for those who have mixed children, out of love, they would keep in mind to put their child in 'safe' areas.

    That goes for any parent, Sassy.

    We can give them color blind training

    I see in color. And all the colors are beautiful, are they not?

    I won't decide on whether or not to have children based on what the KKK or any other hate groups says. Why should I allow them to set the agenda in my life?

    Again, it is a given that a parent - any parent- should raise their children in a safe area. I think most folks - whatever their skin color - would choose not to raise their child in some KKK enclave. At least I hope so.

  • Maverick

    I received a PM explaining that the offical WTS policy is to discourage interracial unions. This was a surprise to me. But based on the fact that image is everything in the WatchTower world I can see why they would not like it. They want you to represent them and the more neutral you look the better. They want their printed material to stand out not you.

    On an individual basis I have no problem with any ethnic group. But I'm not stupid and have been attacked because I was a "cracker"! So I do pay attention to where I am and who is around me. I have had black men act all stupid around me when I am with my Venus Williams look-a-like lady friend. She mentioned that some black guys get a little insecure when they see a white guy with a beautiful black woman. I have also noticed that there are quite a few black women that would rather go with a white guy than with a black guy. They call it riding the great white stallion! When I asked about it, the common response is that they get treated better. I, of course, am a gentleman and all ladies like that! And I can hold my own in the bedroom....(French...both parents)!

    But I will say that I was a lot more tolerant of other races AFTER being a dud! Maverick

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