Skinned and Thrown About.....

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  • OrphanCrow
    smiddy: " they can flip to Malachi ?" whats that mean?

    Lol! I think it means that if you can find the book of Malachi in the Bible (and quickly too!) that you are a Bible expert. A scholar, in fact. Bordering on genius. Better than all those Christians who just go to church to celebrate Christmas.

    It is such a marketable skill. Essential, in fact

  • Tallon

    Great post, Tech49.

    What 'a rude awakening' these experiences must have been for them.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Thanks Tech49. Such posts may help some lurkers to waken up and see exactly what is behind the mask of their revered organization - a very ugly corporate monster, masquerading as the "only true religion."

    It beggars belief that any still-in J.W.'s would even consider selling off everything in order to gain "privileges of service" from the parasitic WTBTS - especially after having witnessed (pun intended) the worldwide cull of countless faithful Bethelites, special pioneers, D.O.'s, and C.O.'s.

    Parasitic: Habitually relying on or exploiting others -

  • joe134cd

    The thing that really resonates with me, is that it was there most loyal, who they crapped on and came out the worst.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    they can flip to Malachi

    Seems an odd choice of book to me as it's easy to find, being the last one in the OT. Not that I remember it ever being quoted from.

  • Gorbatchov

    So sad.

    At the other hand, they could expect this. Over here in Holland we are Calvinist (light version) and before making such discissions we think about "whats in it for me".

    Selling all you have and spend it in the weekend, that's what we call "asking for problems".

    We have a saying and I translate it direct from Dutch to English: "who burns his butt has to sit on the blisters".

    Maybe it is hard to say this, but people can think for them selves instead of listening to the ongoing nonsense of the


  • Annon

    They are all part of the "Bethel Family"

    I often see families booting their children out of the house when they are no longer required.

    Oh wait no I don't. Not sure what dictionary they are using.

  • tor1500


    That's the issue with most witnesses, they don't want to think, they just want to be fed. They don't want to take any responsibility for their life...they are told everything from getting up in the morning until they go to bed. No Thinking needed...that's why when they df'd or victimized they are lost...also, if they leave their life in others hands...they don't have to take any responsibility for what they do...notice what most say....the org. told me to do this or that, and I did it I gave my life to them and they ......Teflon...even when they sin, they say, we don't want to bring any reproach on Jehovah's name...they won't take the responsibility for committing the sin, but the first thing they do is put it on Jehovah... I sinned but now Jehovah's name is reproached...No buddy, your name is reproached....take accountability.

    Once a JW get's his toe stepped on now they see the org. for what it was and long as they are bathing in glory...they don't see nothing wrong with the org. but yet they do, because when you love something so deep, you can't turn it off or soon as the org. showed their real colors...Loving the org...Not so much...

    The org. is full of attention hogs...and they ain't no good when they don't get it...


  • freddo

    Three Bethelite couples have left and arrived in our circuit. I know their circumstances fairly well.

    Couple 1 (Sensible) (Age late 30's) Been there at least ten years. Saw the writing on the wall (and noted the unChristian behaviour and superciliousness of some at London Branch), left of their own accord using wife's "depression" as a reason in 2015, stayed with relatives for nine months and set up a small janitorial "mama and papa" business and rent a small flat.

    He is still an elder, but neither pioneer and they are setting themselves up sensibly but modestly. Like he said to me "who knows how long this system will go on for? I won't get a state pension until I'm over 70 ...". She doesn't seem so depressed anymore.

    Couple 2 (Sensible) (Age 40 ish) Booted out in 2016. They were surprised, Wife secretly pleased to be going. Fortunately had only been in Bethel for seven years and had already bought or were buying an apartment. He had a trade (Electrician) before and after going into Bethel and she did "A levels" before pioneering.

    He has started his own self employed business and she works as a clerical officer for a local government department to keep the money coming in for mortgage payments and food. She seems much happier out.

    Couple 3 (Completely floored!) Age early 50's. Booted out in 2016. Twenty five years Bethel service. Not a snooty pair but completely dumbfounded that they were asked to leave. No property. No kids. Renting a flat in a rough part of town off of "an unbelieving husband" - he is doing oddjobs for himself and janitorial work for a younger brother and she is doing secretarial work for the NHS.

    He is "lost" - she is pioneering. They look depressed but are digging deep into the cult and putting on "brave face" . He was interviewed at his kingdom hall and he admitted "the bottom had fallen out of his world".

    He did the same interview a fortnight later at the circuit assembly except that it was spun differently in as much as she was pioneering and he was serving faithfully as an elder in a congregation that needed help. No mention of the bottom falling out of his world on the assembly platform, eh?

  • jookbeard

    I cant believe couple #1 lost absolulty everything? they sold their house and buisness surely they were left with a very nice nest egg indeed! all the while they were at Warwick all their needs were being paid for? what did they do with all the cash give it to the WTS? something doesn't sound right

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