Skinned and Thrown About.....

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  • Gorbatchov

    LITS thanks it's clear for me now.

    It's a warning for people with Bethel ambitions.


    And that kingdom smile of the bethelites are more fake then ever for me now.


  • Hoffnung

    I have an uncle who was at Bethel in Europe, and he was asked as well to go and become a special pioneer. he is in the early 50ies. at the same time they were taking in younger guys with IT skills. instead of training him the IT skills. anyway, as long as they are Special pioneers, they still can make it. what happens when they axe all these special pioneers next savings round?

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2

    Hoffnung I saw that happen all the time when I was at Bethel. There would be ome's who really and honestly seemed to believe it was the "truth" who had given up so much to be there and they would be placed in the worst job's, nothing that could ever be used on the outside. Then someone would come in with clear money and they would get the great job's in the air conditioned office's, the white shirts who walked down the hill, they woukd get trained and treated like gold even through they had no experience on the outside at all.

    Even through I was honestly a very true believer at the time, the way some of that went down at Bethel it was putting small cracks in my faith.


  • Gorbatchov

    How brainwashed we were.


  • carla

    So sad how the wt treats it's people. My jw would never believe any of these stories, that's a sad fact as well.

  • joe134cd

    What gets me is its their most loyal that they are been the most disloyal to. I just can't see an organization that chooses to operate like this lasting to much longer.

  • sparrowdown

    There were a few couples in my cong that did similar for the chance to be career witnesses. Two of the couples are back in town now dejected crying the "end of an era" the other are still in Equador last I heard on their own ticket looking for english speaking people to witness to - how ironic.

    On a side note I ran into one of the couples in town one day and they told me all about their experience and why they were back.

    After reading about closures and lay offs I decided to throw this question out there

    "so what about the branch (the branch where they were) will they sell it?" and the husband who had been letting the wife do the talking up until this point immediately spoke up and said

    "of course they will they're not sentimental"

    I then said

    "well they are not sentimental about their own people why would they be sentimental about some buildings."

    He said "true , true."

    I went away thinking hmmm interesting.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I also remember when we were at Bethel Brother Don Underwood was in charge of the construction in foreign branches. I remember one time when I was at lunch he went off on those who applied expecting help with plane fares. If you applied to do international construction you and you were assigned to a expensive country and could not afford it you would be blacklisted and could not go to work for them for 5 years. So if you say had saved up to 3,000 but were sent to a country where the plane ticket cost 4,000 and could just not afford it then you could not volunteer for 5 years. Brother Underwood was upset that anyone would even dare to ask for help to get to their assignment. I clearly remember him saying why should Bethel help out anyone, why did they not count the cost.Luke 14:28.

    I was just blown away by his comments, plus he seemed worked up over it that anyone would dare to ask for any help.


  • sparky1

    life is to short, Don Underwood was a 'useful idiot' and a very 'simpleminded ' man (I am not saying this to insult him or put him down, it was just the way he viewed things). Just the type the organization loves because he was loyal to a fault and he would do anything that 'Mother' asked him to do. He forgets of course, that he was able to fly around the world on the 'Societies' dime to check on the progress of construction at international branches. And of course, he had his own money when he arrived on the 'Watchtower construction scene' in the early 70's.

  • ToesUp

    "I clearly remember him saying why should Bethel help out anyone, why did they not count the cost.Luke 14:28."

    If it has not happened yet, it will. This comment is or will bite WT in the a**. Did not WT count the cost? Fools!

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