Skinned and Thrown About.....

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  • Tech49

    This is a little long, but stick with me.

    If you recall, when the building work was in full swing at the new Lakefront Villa (Warwick), WT was having workers come and they would put them up for a year, or more, while they were providing "volunteer services". With that, and the impending need for hundreds and hundreds of new KHs in the USA territory, the congregations were abuzz with the need for "continued construction volunteers". Recently, as many of you know, WT headquarters has sent pretty much everyone home, and is no longer needing workers at the new Warwick site, as the building is mostly complete, with the dedication coming up later this year. And now with the KH building program being shelved, the need for workers is growing even smaller. That brings us to this:

    I have 2 brief experiences to relate... both 100% true, and both factual, as I know both parties personally. I have waited a while to tell these stories, but decided its time...

    Couple #1 : We are pretty close with this couple. Their kids are grown, so they saw an opportunity. They sold his business, all his construction tools, sold and moved out of their beautiful house, sold all their personal belongings and were ready to be sent wherever the need was GREAT! WORK FOR WT until the END!!! Of course WT accepted their application to help build at Warwick. (we talked with them right before they left, and told them basically to enjoy themselves, but to be careful, dont put all your eggs in one basket, and this may not last very long, blah blah blah). anyways........ Off they went in a blaze of glory and fanfare!!! All giggles, smiles, rainbows, and unicorns!!

    They stayed in one of the hotels purchased/leased by WT, for almost 2 years. Yes, you read that right; food, room, and transportation paid for in full for almost 2 years. Again, yes... almost 2 years of free living. They drove to New York from the West Coast, so had their own personal vehicle. During the week, they rode WT shuttles to the jobsite. On the weekends, they explored the countryside on their own (remember, they had sold all their worldly belongings, so had money to burn). They were loving life! Oh, to be needed and wanted! Jehovah was blessing them! They were the glorious shiny examples for all! So spiritual!!! They were treated like royalty !! The work at Warwick was winding down in his field, so they were sent down to California to be "trainers". OH MY GOD GEEhovah is GREAT!!!!

    THEN, almost overnight, everything came to a screeching halt. KH program was scrapped, all building work stopped. They were asked to return "home". They came home dejected. No place to live, no belongings, nothing. They stayed with friends. The poor couple was so downhearted and depressed, they related the experience like they had been "fired". Brother elder kept calling his contacts at Bethel..."please give me an assignment" he would ask, day after day after day. He told me later that the brothers in Bethel finally flat out told him... "Look, stop calling us. If we want you, we will call you. We have your number. You are making a fool of yourself. STOP CALLING." He was crushed. Now, he was again just a standard elder/publisher. No longer a glorious needed "bethel worker". No more fancy titles, no traveling on WT dime. Nothing. Now he would have to try and find a real job.

    He found a menial job working for another brother. He hates it. He barely makes wages. His boss goes on lots of vacations, has new rigs, the usual. He complains constantly that he got the short end of the stick. He had to buy an old beater truck to get to work. He hates it. He deserves better, he says. They had to live in a shitty loaner travel trailer until they could find a little shitty rental house. They both hate it. He says he hates living in the real world. His wife is so sick and tired of him whining she is about done. Sad situation all around, his spark is gone.

    Couple #2 Basically the same situation, although they did NOT sell everything to work at Warwick. They too spent almost 2 years there, were sent home when she was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer (of course they just could not understand why WT wouldnt help them with any type of treatments). They too are bitter and angry, although they would never admit it openly. Only in confidential talk do they admit to being angry, yelling at one another constantly behind closed doors..etc. They are not happy at all, and everything you see on their faces is a facade. They too absolutely HATE being in the real world. They want and expect to be coddled and be provided for (he has been an elder and a pioneer for decades). They figure they are almost "owed" something for their efforts.

    In the end, both couples got tossed aside when WT was done with them. Both couples are "pillars" in the congregation, and are deeply hurt (I dont know if thats the right word for it) by how they are being treated.... or are NOT being treated. Its as if WT put them on this big shiny pedestal, and now they realize the pedestal was made of fairy dust. They both had great big titles, had parts at the assemblies about what shining examples they are, gave talk after talk, experience after experience of their marvelous travels.... and now they are just lowly plebians, laity class, rank-and-file. They were both so brainwashed into thinking that their labors would be until the END, that they would be taken such good care of for all eternity...... that now real life is just a crushing reality.

    Oh WOE IS ME, WOE is ME!

    Mrs Harper and I just shake our heads and smile. "I told you so" might be a little mean, but so appropriate. Fools, grown-assed men and women, fools.

    Jack Harper, TECH49

  • biblexaminer

    Thanks for that account(s). I believe every word.

    Here, in our Canadian town, we have benefited from the Watchtower cuts. The Lord taketh away, and the Lord giveth dem back. 1 Recommendations 1:9

    It seems that the Canadian Branch found ample reason to make deep cuts also. Due to these cuts, we have recently had some fabulously spiritual ones return to town, heads hung low and poor. One couple, still young enough to do so, restarted their life. They found sufficient work and bought a house, and they are renovating. But when you talk to them in the quiet aside, their true emotions emerge. They are disappointed. And their actions demonstrate that it's "me time"... nuff a' dem.

    The sister/bro-in-law of this pair, also evicted, not doing quite as well. They have to shack down where they can at the mercy of others. Pick the bones of the economy and try to muddle along. I haven't talked to them much, but they can't be very happy. No, not with their quality of life struggle.

    There's another couple here too. I don't know them, but I hear about their struggles too. They got the pink slip and moved here because it's supposedly cheap. Getting less cheap everyday.

    I have to imagine this is a universal trend.

  • Magnum

    Thanks for posting. Extremely interesting. I bet those are just two of many similar stories, and I believe that with the passing of time, there are going to be a lot more stories like those.

    Of course, I don't know the couples you mentioned, but just judging from what you wrote, they seem like a lot of JWs I'm familiar with; they love the glory jobs. So I don't think they are owed anything; they got their payment in the form of attention, glory, and bragging rights. However, I feel that there are some JWs who are owed. There are some who gave greatly of themselves, doing the dirty work with good motive. They sacrificed much. Many of them are now older and are hurting financially because of having sacrificed so much for the org; they have no prospects of ever retiring, etc. I believe the org does owe ones such as those and they deserve some kind of payment.

  • ToesUp

    Yes...the disappointed class. We have seen this too. We have heard it called being "put out to pasture."

    Well folks...welcome to the real world. WT used you up and spit you out. BUT...these ones allowed it to happen. Oh how the mighty fall. many are part of what my spouse and I call "the disappointed class." Not feeling sorry for any of them. They built their house on sand.

    Guess who was there for us during tough times...NOT ONE JW. We pulled out of it on our own with a lot of hard work. That's what you do "in the real world."

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Honestly you did just gloss over an important part. That Watchtower told them not to put all their eggs in one basket. Both couples and in fact all bethelietes have known for the last gosh 12 years that bethel is no longer the place you grow old and die at. There are some older ones that are taken care of but this is no longer a permanent assignment, you have to prepare yourself to leave at any point. Many take advantage of the skills they learn at Bethel either in construction or something else. But now Watchtower is really telling new bethelites or people in special full time service that this isn't a permanent assignment anymore.

  • JWdaughter

    Well, these stories are an example of the equivalent education level to a college degree that they are getting there with the WT. They were warned on the one hand and enticed with the other. Decades of "the end is just around the corner", and "this old system of things can't be sustained any longer" overcame any warning, just like it did with previous generations-overlapping ones!

    JWs are constantly told that common sense things are "worldly" and that they need to respond to the "kingdom message" which is constantly bashing 'em on the head with the shortness of time left in this system of things.

    BUT. . . they can flip to Malachi in NO time, so, there's that!

  • nowwhat?

    Thanks tech49 for your insights. These ones are truly getting their reward in full!

  • ScenicViewer

    Skinned and thrown about.....

    Basically, human life is disposable to Watchtower.

    BUT. . . they can flip to Malachi in NO time, so, there's that!

    Oh dear, I was in stitches for a couple of minutes over that. Thanks for the great laugh JWdaughter.

  • smiddy

    Forgive me I have been out for a long time " they can flip to Malachi ?" whats that mean?

    I can be a little dense too at times LOL

    Back to the topic I think thats great news , if that doesnt wake people up what will ?

  • tor1500


    Great's kind of reminds me when you are a study....the friends are all over you...they make you feel so special they love bomb you....this only works for those who didn't get this type of attention at get to are invited places. You are the star....everybody wants to come to your study...then you get baptized...then just like in the hospital....the tubes of love are removed...I've seen it happen so many times at the hall....I see the sadness in the newly baptized ones...they have a look, like what happened....I was so important and made over .....what they don't know is that the friends have moved on to the next study and start the process of love bombing all over again....

    It's easy to be a witness if you are constantly praised...and it's easy to stay one, but if that is what feeds you as a JW, when it stops, then that's when the rose colored glasses come off...then they come to this site or another..

    I find some not all witnesses don't like to work, but they full time pioneer....I think it's a "I don't wanna work" gene in some of them...I have a friend that was raised a witness never baptized....we talk...she says she noticed most of them didn't want to work...there were brothers in the hall and they didn't want to work just preach and teach...she decided not to stay and married not a JW...& to this day been marred almost 50 yrs. Anyway, I noticed the same thing..some of them ask if I know of any part-time job so they can still go out in the ministry...I don't know any part-time job...because our bills require full time money...

    I kind of feel sorry for these couples..they put their faith in man....& they will sock it to you every time. The org. is full of attention hogs...that's the bottom line...there are tons of jobs out there that can give you all the attention you need....a job at the information desk at a store, a front desk person and so on....

    I don't remember the scriptures that mention that some want to come into the church and sit in the front....and to show off that's JW's. They are Pharisees....

    Now the couples feel they have been they don't have the attention they once look at them....deflated balloons, they can barely live not because they can't pick themselves up and start again, but because there is no limelight...Some people will only do some thing if someone is watching...Since they aren't stars anymore, they can barely pick up the pieces...

    I think the org. started noticing that many were just freeloaders...not too mention not enough money to house folks forever...folks are living longer now...

    This is just what I think...don't necessarily have to be true...


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