Watchtower Teachings That Don't Make Sense

by Vanderhoven7 37 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • punkofnice

    Just to think I was a JW once. I feel sorry for those trapped in who have had their critical thinking skilled squashed.

    the blood thing is a very dangerous 'teaching'. You are right Vandy, it makes no sense even in a biblical setting.

    As for their claim that GB are the ones that their chosen god! On the one hand they say that the GB are not infallible and make mistakes and Pope wacko jacko says it would be 'presumptuous'............on the other hand you will get DF'd if you don't accept the GB as the only channel.

    The further I get away from the JWs is the more I see their 'teachings' as totally didlow. I now extend the same didlowness to all other religions too.

    n. Micah says that 'Jehovah(tm) doesn't change'. Yet the Jws, who claim their teachings are from god, flip flop all the time, so much so that the religion is unrecognisable from what it was 10 years ago.

  • smiddy3

    I now laugh at that claim Jehovah never changes ,

    "He is the same today as He was yesterday and is the same as He is tomorrow" Oh Yeah ?

    In the Old Testament /Hebrew Scriptures Jehovah is a bloodthirsty ,war mongering ,genocidal God who delights in killing old men old women and children dashing them to pieces because they don`t worship him

    The old testament is full of such accounts.

    Never mind the fact that he never bothered to have any dealings with other nations other than the Jews at all.

    And then in the New Testament /Christian Greek Scriptures we are supposed to believe that God is love ?

    "That he gave his only begotten son so that all exercising faith in him may have everlasting life" ?

    Oh hang on, Jesus Christ is going to rule with 144000 resurrected imperfect humans for a thousand years good luck with that brainwave ,then after the thousand years of Christ and his imperfect humans rule Jehovah is going to let loose on mankind Satan the Devil again to mislead humanity again to their destruction ,a number which are as the sands of the seashore.

    So after killing Billions of people at Armageddon very soon in another thousand or so years he is going to kill untold Millions/Billions more humans male female child and have no pity for them .

    Simply because he let Satan out among them again to mislead them ?

    What imperfect human father would subject their child to such an abomination.? Time and time again ?

    As Jehovah God is prepared to do ?

  • Vanderhoven7

    Great Punk

    n. Claim: The GB is chosen and directed by God and must be believed even though they are fallible and have a long history of mistakes and flip-flop on doctrines such that the religion is unrecognizable from what it was 10 years ago.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Shucks...we haven't made it to Z!!!


    There are a number of things that don't make sense to me about your religion

    For example:

    a. Blood Prohibitions:

    - plasma...when all components of plasma are acceptable to the Society.

    - white blood cells...when millions are found in mothers milk, and millions are transferred in allowable organ transplants

    - storing blood... when JWs allow their blood to be stored in tubes for testing but will not allow blood to be stored otherwise.

    - donating blood... when JWs can use fractions of sinfully donated blood stored by non-JWs.

    b. Claim that less than 150,000 faithful Christians existed prior to the 20th century ....when allegedly millions were martyred during the first 3 centuries of the common era alone.

    c. Claim that the religion of JWs is biblical...when its foundations are completely based on speculation involving names dates and places not found in scripture.

    d. Claiming unique ability to interpret scripture...when interpretation of prophecy has been 100% wrong for over 130 years.

    e. Claiming unique direction from Jehovah...when JW lives have been endangered and lost due to medical prohibitions which are no longer applied.

    f. Claim that the innumerable Great Crowd are all Jehovah's Witnesses....yet there are only 8 million JWs worldwide; a number we can all count.

    g. Claim that the wild beast of Revelation is the United Nations...yet the WT joins and supports the UN for 10 years as an NGO so that they can get a library card.

    h. Claim that non-JWs who die just before the tribulation will be raised and given a chance to gain eternal life .... whereas those same people, if they are still around months later will be eternally destroyed at Armageddon. Everything depends on when you die.

    i. Claim that it is wrong to make oaths of allegiance in support of one's country and its political values yet your leaders unhesitatingly sign oaths of allegiance to get their US passports.

    j. Claim that the 1914 generation will not pass away when the youngest of the 1914 generation are 104 years old today?

    k. Claim that he Daniel prophecy of 2,520 360 day prophetic years magically become 2,520 solar years to reach the magic year of 1914.

    l. Claim: that the "7 trumpets of Revelation chapters 8 - 11" were 7 talks given at Bible Student conventions in the 1920s.

    j. claim: Although Jesus said no man knows the hour, JWs have been trying to prove him a liar for over 100 years.

    k. claim: Although Jesus commanded Christians to partake of the emblems of His death, 99.9% of JWs are not to obey this instruction.

    l. Claim: that they care about children who are sexually abused by members, yet will do nothing to protect them from these pedophiles unless there are two or more witnesses to the abuse.

    m. Claim: that they care about justice for pedophiles while encouraging parents of abused children not to report matters to police unless required by law...showing they are more interested in protecting the image of the organization.

    n. Claim: The GB is chosen and directed by God and must be believed even though they are fallible and have a long history of mistakes and flip-flop on doctrines such that the religion is unrecognizable from what it was 10 years ago.

  • ScottyRex

    Vanderhoven.....what are your beliefs now?

  • Dagney

    The WT twist the verses at Matt. 24:45-51, by telling the flock that THEY are to be judged as to how they treat the "faithful and discreet/wise servant." They use it to instill fear yet the scripture says no such thing. The servant is the one who will be judged as to how he is treating the domestics.

    I've used this every time an elder/anyone asked me if I recognize the FDS as god's channel etc. I tell them it isn't important what I think of the "slave" according to the scripture. What is important is how the slave treats those he is in charge of. They change the subject rather quickly.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Excellent point Dagney

    O. Claim: that servants will be judged on how they treated the FDS whereas the scriptures teach the FDS will be judged on how they treat those he is in charge of.

    Scotty, I was never a Witness so I never held any of their unique teachings. My Dad broke away from the Witnesses after 5 years and our family associated with an International Bible Student Association assembly which had ditched 1914 but held onto an Arian ontology and mortality of the soul.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Getting close....

    o. Claim: that domestics will be judged on how they treated the FDS whereas the scriptures teach the FDS will be judged on how they treated the domestics.

    p. Claim that one can see the kingdom of God without being born again which contradicts Jesus' words in John 3:16

  • charonsdog

    q. God doesn't want you to go to college

    r. God doesn't want you to touch yourself

    s. Birthdays are bad because... some guys got dead....explain that one again?

    t. Oral sex is condemned somewhere in some book of the Bible but don't ask us where

    u. An old dude and his three kids built a big-ass wooden crate and filled it with a bunch of animals and somehow they didn't eat each other during the year-long voyage. When they got out a year later, ALL of the kangaroos and stuff hailed the next freighter to some distant island that nobody ever heard of before. And if you believe the pictures....two white people birthed three kids of different races.

    v. Lions and tigers were created to eat straw. That's why they have such large, pointy teeth and sharp claws and love to stalk and chase down that vegetation.

    w. King David was a righteous guy. He and his men DIDN'T try to run a protection racket on Nabal. David WASN'T lusting after Nabal's wife, Abigail. David OWNED up to his census mistake and took the, wait. He let God decide to take it out on the nation and kill a bunch of innocent people. David wasn't interested in the hottest chick in the country when he was old and feeble. Bullshit. That guy was randy as hell all of his life. Had the little blue miracle pill been invented back then, he would have had his way with Abishag.

    x. Jesus could cure blindness, deafness, lepers, and lame people. But not once did he fix an amputee, save for that ear trick after Petey got all excited.

    y. A wedding groom would be responsible if a guest were to become intoxicated by drinking alcohol provided at the reception....but not if someone committed gluttony by overindulging on the wedding cake. Tell us again why Jesus did the water to wine trick at the wedding. It wasn't because the caterer forgot to order the wine. It was because they RAN OUT of wine. The wedding feast director all but admitted that some of the guests were inebriated already.

    z. Can't use the words "luck" or "lucky" because don't believe in the god/goddess of luck. But okay to use other words glorifying false gods. Like "January", "February", "March", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday", etc...

  • TD

    That God allows war, violence, bloodshed and the resultant suffering and misery as part of an ongoing proof that humans are incapable of directing their own steps apart from Him.

    Paradoxically, this is the same God who jumped in and confused human languages when humans were directing their own steps apart from Him, which has proved to be the single biggest cause of war, violence, bloodshed and the resultant suffering and misery.

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