Watchtower Teachings That Don't Make Sense

by Vanderhoven7 37 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Vanderhoven7

    There are a number of things that don't make sense to me about your religion.

    For example:

    a. Blood Prohibitions:

    - plasma...when all components of plasma are acceptable to the Society.

    - white blood cells...when millions are found in mothers milk, and millions are transferred in allowable organ transplants

    - storing blood... when JWs allow their blood to be stored in tubes for testing but will not allow blood to be stored otherwise.

    - donating blood... when JWs can use fractions of sinfully donated blood stored by non-JWs.

    b. Claim that less than 150,000 faithful Christians existed prior to the 20th century ....when allegedly millions were martyred during the first 3 centuries of the common era alone.

    c. Claim that the religion of JWs is biblical...when its foundations are completely based on speculation involving dates and places not found in scripture.

    d. Claiming unique ability to interpret scripture...when interpretation of prophecy has been 100% wrong for over 130 years.

    e. Claiming unique direction from Jehovah...when JW lives have been endangered and lost due to medical prohibitions which are no longer applied.

    f. Claim that the innumerable Great Crowd are all Jehovah's Witnesses....yet there are only 8 million JWs worldwide; a number we can all count.

    g. Claim that the wild beast of Revelation is the United Nations...yet the WT joins and supports the UN for 10 years as an NGO so that they can get a library card.

    h. Claim that non-JWs who die just before the tribulation will be raised and given a chance to gain eternal life .... whereas those same people, if they are still around months later will be eternally destroyed at Armageddon. Everything depends on when you die.

  • sparky1

    Excellent post, Van. In my opinion, you have just scratched the surface.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Right on Sparky...maybe we can get to Z

      i. Claim that it is wrong to make oaths of allegiance in support of one's country and its political values yet your leaders unhesitatingly sign oaths of allegiance to get their US passports.

      j. Claim that the 1914 generation will not pass away when the youngest of the 1914 generation are 104 years old today?

      k. Claim that he Daniel prophecy of 2,520 360 day prophetic years magically become 2,520 solar years to reach the magic year of 1914.

  • nicolaou

    Would it be churlish to post a list of Christian teachings that don't make sense? You know, virgin birth, resurrection, ascension?


    As you were then.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Nicolaou, certainly if God does not exist then all of the miracles recorded in scripture do not make sense.

  • nicolaou

    Other way around Vanderhoven. The miracles are proven to be untrue, therefore . .

  • Vanderhoven7

    OK I'll bite. What constitutes proof that the miracles you listed, virgin birth, resurrection, ascension did not occur and therefore...?

  • nicolaou

    Are you kidding? You seriously need proof that an unimpregnated girl can conceive a child? That a biologically dead corpse can be revived to life. That levitation is real?

    No Vanderhoven, the onus isn't on me to disprove any of these ridiculous assertions, all of human history has accomplished that just fine.

    You are so ready to point out the flaws in Watchtower teaching but you refuse to face up to the glaring fallacies in your own beliefs.

    Straws and rafters, pots and kettles.


    The biggest issue of the Watchtower's teachings, is their rejection of the Central Doctrine of the Holy Bible, which is the very Nature of Almighty God, Who exists eternally in Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; coequal, coeternal and coessential. None of the examples given in the OP will send any soul to hell, but the rejection of the Holy Trinity, and Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, most certainly will do. Jesus Himself said:

    "Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins." (John 8:24). He is of course referring to His own Deity from Exodus 3:14, where He told Moses, "I am Who I am", or, as the Greek LXX puts it, "I am the Eternal One".

    Nothing else really matters!

  • cofty
    None of the examples given in the OP will send any soul to hell, but the rejection of the Holy Trinity, and Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, most certainly will do.

    And yet you are incapable of describing the trinity simply and succinctly.

    Your god demands we assent to an absurd idea that cannot be expressed without committing a logical fallacy, and if we can't force ourselves to pretend to get it he will torture us for eternity.

    What and arsehole your god is.

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