In case you want to see mass quantities of ignorance / stupidity on display....a dinosaur thread on JWTalk

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  • AverageJoe1

    The only thing that makes sense there is a YouTube clip from “The Big Bang” theory!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It's like reading the proceedings of the International Idiots Convention. Its the way adults talk when they have been brought up in a cage without access to the real world.

  • Crazyguy

    It’s really sad that we to at one time were thinking inside this box . A box of complete ignorance with no sources coming in from outside the box. It’s really sad that in this day and age and with so much knowledge at our finger tips theres still people and groups out there like this. It’s like discovering a lost tribe in the middle of the Amazon forest. But at least these people of this tribe would have and excuse for their ignorance.

  • pixel

    From the article:

    "When that purpose was fulfilled, God allowed the dinosaurs to become extinct."

    This, is called debugging: "identify and remove errors from (computer hardware or software)."

    According to the Borg, God was the first debugger.

  • Diogenesister
    Sir82 If I ever start a band, I think I'll name it "Green Bible Dinosaurs"

    What about "Rexies Coconut Diner"!!

    I can't believe Fred Franz believed T Rex's ate coconuts!! And he never said " maybe" or "perhaps" with his loopy ideas - just made these proclamations with absolutely zero evidence (or knowledge) about literally anything!!!

    Oh, I forgot he took two semesters of greek. Clever my arse; the man was a buffoon.

  • Vidiot
    redvip2000 - "...don't Jdrones believe that animals only became carnivorous after the flood?..."

    That's pretty much what old Freddy Franz said, and he was cribbing even harder-core creationists than him.

    'Course, that kind of rapid physiological adaptation (not to mention the extreme degree of diversification/speciation) that would've had to happen in order to accommodate that kind of widespread change would put Darwinian evolution to shame... :smirk:

    I think - technically - it's still the "official" WT Company line, but I've never met any JW who actually subscribes to it (and that includes my loyal 60-year-veteran JW mom). After all, there's regular, garden-variety stoopid... and then there's mind-boggling, fatal-facepalming, Here-Comes-Honey-Boo-Boo-roadkill-eating stoopid.

    Probably a big part of the real reason the GB doesn't want the R&F to talk about it... like 7000-year-long Creative "Days", it's just sounds to ridonkulous in this day and age.

  • Vidiot
    Diogenesister - "...he never said 'maybe' or 'perhaps' with his loopy ideas - just made these proclamations with absolutely zero evidence (or knowledge) about literally anything!"

    Pulling any old bullshit out of your ass (particularly when faced with a tricky question, and/or you don't know the answer) and assuming it has to be right because you're channeling "Holy Spirit" is... I've said many times before...

    ...a very easy habit to get into when you surround yourself with people who are never allowed to disagree with you.

  • sparrowdown

    Poor Sister Dorothy T Dinosoar hard way to find out that when Jehovah doesn't give a shit about you anymore he "allows" you to "become extinct."

    Next they'll be saying Jehovah was the first guy to say "make it rain" because... the flood

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    In post #43 jwhess ends with:

    "I would not cite (m)any publication earlier than 2000 for teaching purposes, I assure you"

    A candid admission that JWs themselves realize that for more than a century the WT published and disseminated material unfit for teaching.

    People lives were wasted, used up and too often ruined based on that same bullshit - disgraceful.

  • Tahoe

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