"Only Witnesses demonstrate Christian Love"

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  • EverApostate

    For “still” Christians.

    What is Christian Love anyway ? Jesus commanded his followers to hate their families and come after him. Luke 14:26 How do you formulate Christian love out of this ?

  • Phoebe

    I saw a comment under a YouTube video. It has really stayed with me.

    It's about an unbaptized mum with two little ones, JW husband had died. She had stood up to an elder because he was doing something she disagreed with and so she got 'marked' and became the victim of elders wives gossip.

    Convention timed rolled around. She bought an old car. No one would go with her. No one. Guess they thought she was bad association. So she travels 3 hrs with her babies. One of her little ones traps his finger in a seat. First Aid said it was fine. She nurses this crying baby all through the day. Can you imagine her stress?

    On the way home someone stops her to say she has a problem with her brake lights. She stops in a service station. Smells burning. Goes to get out the baby's buggy to take them to the toilet. Her bag has melted into a brake light cable (previous owner had added extra brake lights)

    Gang of Hells Angels see her. Long beards/tattoos. They come over. One is a mechanic. He fixes her brake lights and checks her car all over to make sure it's safe. They offer to escort her home. She declines but asks if they can take her to the right road. They do and see her safely on her way.

    Next day takes baby to the doctor, he'd broken his finger. (so much for the First Aid in the convention)

    Where was the love shown for this young woman?? No one in the congregation cared. Travelling all alone with two babies.

    But the Hell's Angels helped her. They cared.

    A Good Samaritan story.

  • Diogenesister

    Phoebe can I post this on exjwreddit please?

  • Phoebe

    Hi Diogenesister,

    Sure. I saw it under a video the other night. I can't remember which one but it really stayed with me.

  • Gorbatchov

    Heard a comment in a USA congregation last week: "professor xxx visit a congregation and told this is the best education ever heard, instead of years of college".


  • VW.org

    Must be true the child molestors love the kids.

  • stillin

    An elder's wife posed the question in a car group : is there agape love in the world? The others in the group decided that if good works weren't motivated by Christian principles, then it wasn't agape love. I pointed out that this was beyond the definition of agape love which is self-sacrificing love guided by principle. I mentioned Doctors Without Borders and the Salvation Army and that I felt that these people were being self-sacrificing and guided by principle. Got a nice, long silence out of that one.

    Smug bastards

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Good comments ALL!

    My Son has had a troubled life of addiction and was recently accepted for residence at the Dreams Center of Angelus Temple. I'd not heard of it before so did a quick Web Search. What I discovered was incredible!


    Christendom certainly has its flaws but shows some Real Love for the downtrodden. There are many, many more examples virtually everywhere.

    The "Love" of WTBorg Inc. is Fake News.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    This is the link I meant to put in:


    Amazing services.

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