"Only Witnesses demonstrate Christian Love"

by Jules Saturn 28 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Crazyguy

    All the other groups are saying the same crap to their followers. Mormons , seventh day , etc etc

  • punkofnice
    vandy - Does love harbor pedophiles?
    Does love practice and shunning family members over doctrinal differences or smoking cigarettes?
    Does love promote lying to people who are judged as unworthy of the truth?

    You beat me to it Vandy.

    Jules - And then she said "There is no other organization that is like this."

    She's right. It's a lower brand of fecal matter than most.

    And that's where I tried reasoning with her

    'Tried' being the operative word here. As for 'reasoning' with a jobo..............best of luck with that pointless endevour.

  • cofty
    The true Christian love is evident as they are the only religion as a whole whose members will not go to war.

    That is not evidence of love. It is moral cowardice.

  • Confusedalot

    The problem is they define love as bringing someone to Jehovah in a spiritual sense. Giving out food and supplies to the needy doesn't compare to showing real love by bringing them to Jehovah. They see shunning as love, because it keeps God's organisation clean and can help the DF to come back to "The Truth". Child abuse is blamed on the members and not the GB so that argument is useless too.

    This barrier is extremely frustrating to fight against. I know how it works because I was behind it for many years.

    The GB spends huge amounts of time indoctrinating its members, we cannot expect one argument or debate to change thought patterns that have been so deeply entrenched.

    Normally people become disillusioned due to their own experiences in the organisation and less by external influence.

  • jwleaks

    Would that 'love' shown by the JW religion and Watchtower be the love of money and all the real estate that money can buy?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Fact #1 - When I became a J.W., not one of my "worldly" friends or associates abandoned or ridiculed me.

    Fact #2 - In all my years as a J.W., the only persecution I experienced was from different B.O.E.'s.

    Of all J.W.'s I've ever known, elders stand out as being the most corrupt and un-Christian people I've had the misfortune to know. They were nothing more than puffed-up little tyrants who were legends in their own minds.

  • ttdtt

    Yes it is true!

    I experienced the true love of the congregation when I stopped coming to meetings and was preemptively shunned by all of them for NO REASON.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn


    I believe there are other religions who also refuse to go to war like the Adventists, the Quakers, the Brethern, to name a few, aren't they showing "true Christian love" as well?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Most JW will give this same reason.
    Could it be that they all concluded JW are The One True Religion based on the facts they observed?

    Or could it be that they all think they concluded this, after many Watchtower studies that repeated over and over again that 1) love is the singlemost important hallmark of True Religion and 2) only Watchtower followers posess this true love?

    It's also nice that whenever any other religion has some kind of quarrel among it's members, JW will conlcude it's a sign that love is lacking. Whenever JW have a quarrel, it's an opportunity to forgive and love. 'See, this is the only loving bORg!'

  • Tenacious

    Same old argument:

    "We are the only religion that shows true love among each other."

    "We are the only people having God's approval."

    "We are the only people living in a spiritual paradise."

    "We are the only ones preaching the gospel publicly."

    "We are the only religion that sanctify God's name."

    "We are the only religion that . . . . .(insert here)"

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