A lot of "forbidden" talk is going on among witnesses

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  • nevaagain

    Me and my wife are still "in". We had the "talk" a couple of times, but shet is not ready to leave yet. While a couple of years ago she started crying on the thought that I am an "apostate" and even gave me an ultimatum until she would rat me out to the elders (never happened), now I sense that she might is a little bit more open to the the thought to leave one day ...

    Anyway, all out friends and family are still in the truth and whenever we are meeting with other witnesses topic #1 is always the recent changes to the meetings / conventions (reduced to one day) which always lead to the changes to the magazines and the recent lay offs of the special pioneers and bethelites.

    Most sense that something is not right but still try to justify the changes somehow. Whenever the layoffs are mentioned I always say that its probably a money issue since this topic is always mentioned on the jw broadcast. Then I wait for the question, why is there a sudden need for money which then I carefully mention the lawsuits resulting from child abuse and the Australian Commission hearings. Couple of months ago we had the CO visit our place and for that visit he had the substitude and his family with him and the substitute mentioned the Australian Commission hearing in front of the CO, so I recite him and the CO as the sources to that ;-)

    With my parents and especially my elder father the lawsuits are a non topic. He doesn't care about none of that, and for him its always lies and apostates wanting to do "us" harm. Since my father loves to read watchtower magazines and books and often the watchtower literature is not enough which leads him to study spiritual material from the christendom, he often comes at a different conclusion than the watchtower. He keeps this to himself and only get it out of him on our little talks. I then tell my dad that even though its fine for him to read worldy book consisting of spiritual matters, a JW would never be allowed to write such a book because it would be regarded apostacy. This got him thinking ...

    Also my dad saw the 1975 fiasco first hand and I always tell them, that for me that was false prophecy and recite the scriptures Matthew 7:15 and 2 Corinthians 11:13-15. So we are having "apostate" conversations whenever I am visiting and I see that my dad kinda enjoys them until my mom steps in of course.

    So yeah I am trying to hang in there until the proper times comes to prepare for a smooth exit and see that I get some of my family out :-)

  • punkofnice
    I am trying to hang in there until the proper times comes to prepare for a smooth exit and see that I get some of my family out

    I hope it works out for you, my friend.

    I like the idea of a casual approach to the problems of the corporation. "Oh, probably just money problems. No biggie. I'm sure Jehovah hasn't taken his blessing away, even though it looks that way."

  • C0ntr013r
    I have similar "discussions" with my family from time to time, it is really nice that I have gotten to that point with them. I have found that most topics are fine to discuss if you are respectful. Took many years of conversation to get to this point though. Happy for you! :)
  • GodZoo
    Anyway, all out friends and family are still in the truth

    Funny how people who no longer believe it's the truth still call it 'the truth'. Brainwashing at it's best.

  • Gorbatchov

    This is just like me and my father. When we are alone we speak about what's wrong. Amongst others he turns in JW mode.

    there is something going on, that's true.

  • Vidiot
    IMO, we've been hearing too much anecdotal evidence about this kind of thing for it to be bullshit.
  • macys
    Since I told my parents that I am working on being reinstated they have been open to talking with me (at least my mother anyways) and I always ALWAYS sneak little tid bits of truth in there. I introduced her to the ARC! Now she has been quite so....
  • freemindfade
    My experience with the wife is similar. She went from nervous breakdown a few years ago to seemingly being apathetic towards "the truth" even though she is not awake by any means. She has changed a lot and I think it's seeing all this nonsense go on and being embarrassed by the organization and people in it
  • Vidiot

    @ freemind...

    Frankly, I think you'd have to be an idiot not to feel embarrassed by some of the stuff they've put out, lately.

  • freddo

    I have had "very interesting conversations" in the last two months with two elders I used to serve with and one who is a relative in a different circuit. They are all in their 60's - about ten years older than me.

    Elder 1. "We'll probably die before Armageddon" was one comment I got in response to my ""I don't know if I can follow this "overlapping generation" stuff ... ""

    Elder 2. "Strange that they need all this money when there is all that property to sell off in Brooklyn and London and they've (he said "they" not "we") stopped building."

    Elder 3. "My son got out of Bethel just before this cull (he actually said cull) began; he's so glad he did. He told me he was talking to one of his mates up there (London) who said that the atmosphere was awful."

    I tell you - if you know one of them well enough to put a drink in their hands - they don't stop blabbing ...

    In vino veritas!

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