A lot of "forbidden" talk is going on among witnesses

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  • freemindfade


    Agreed. I think some people are really burying their real gut feelings and reactions to say how great everything is. My wife is no longer saying any of it is good.

    I speculate there is a couple things happening, one i call the bubble. That there are a lot of people not liking it but staying strong, but one day a big bubble is going to pop and flood of people are gonna leave or just stop attending. The potential is there. There is an undercurrent of people waking up even if only in their personal thoughts and feelings.

    The other is a butterfly effect. Its:

    the amount and availability of information on the internet.

    its the more visible irrefutable sources of anti witness info (such as the ARC).

    Its history and science making the bible out to be a huge lie.

    Its the seemingly consistent, decent witnesses waking up, talking to family, changing habits, talking to elders.

    All these things I think are building a snowball.

    The religion will never go away, but if over the next few years there is a massive shift, division, or exodus.. I'd call that a win. I believe they have hit their apex.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Yes, the R&F are restless.

    There is "murmuring" going on. Everyone knows you must be cautious to whom you say "certain things" or it will bite you in the ass, but some are questioning things. Hopefully MANY will do so.


  • macys
    I wish I had something to add to this but nobody is allowed to talk to me LOL
  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Is it possible that some congregation members are sending anonymous emails to elders/COs concerning all the problems the Watchtower is facing??

    I know that in the business world, employees will sound off in such a way when they want to force an issue, without blowing their cover. I've actually seen this firsthand. This is especially so when there is no union protection. It appears the average JW has no 'whistle-blower' protection in such a high-control religious sect.

    So, could that be happening on a large scale? Let's say you have just one or two individuals in each cong, sending out regular (or not so regular) mass emails from an anonymous account? While most hardcore JWs would immediately disregard it, there must be some who think about it. For example, if you just sent out a video of people dancin' in the KH, followed with a simple comment like, "So...I don't know about you Brother ______, but I'm kinda wondering where we're headed with all this. We're starting to look like the Pentecostals." Such a remark might catch on and go contagious throughout the KH, I would think.

    You'd have to send it to enough people, I'd think. Otherwise, Elder X or Elder Y might just ignore it & it wouldn't get anywhere.

    Any thoughts?

  • TheListener

    I've heard similar talk among my wife and a couple of her friends and relatives. Mostly they try to not talk about witnessy stuff if I'm around so I don't hear a lot but I hear enough to know they're confused by all the changes. Sort of happy and sort of confused. In the end it seems they all feel it must mean the end is around the corner....What will happen when the end doesn't come real soon?... I have no idea.

    Right now there's a zealous sister who was assigned to my wife to get her more involved in the congregation. This happens every few years. It works for awhile but my wife is truly apathetic and so far all attempts to really get her to be more active only work for a little while and then burn out the person assigned to help her. We'll see what happens this time.

  • stuckinarut2

    I've heard the expressions "leave things in Jehovah's hands" and "it's a time of sifting" too many times...

    Its now getting ridiculous as they try to rationalise troubling matters.....

  • freemindfade

    Some people will hang on to those thought blocking things to no end.

    "No matter what its god's organization"

    When things are great, the big J is blessing things

    When they suck he's seeing who will stay loyal

    Typical witness behavior to put any criticism in a lose lose situation

  • Vidiot

    Sugar Shane - "...It appears the average JW has no 'whistle-blower' protection..."

    Unnecessary from the hierarchy's POV, since (according to testimony from the ARC) "whistleblowing" is a disassociating action.

    Sugar Shane - "...We're starting to look like the Pentecostals..."


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Here is the best forbidden talk going on among young high school graduates and their parents:


    I am ecstatic about it!!!

    This generation will not be robbed as mine was of their right to educate themselves as much as possible and to pursue their passion in terms of education.


  • flipper
    NEVAAGAIN- Good luck to you and your wife in eventually her seeing TTATT . It is good to hear that JW people are talking about all the changes going on inside the WT and I hope they keep talking because the more the rumor mill keeps running off inside JW's mouths ( and we know the rumor mill is ALWAYS running off among JW's ) then more and more of the WT Society's criminal activities will be exposed and perhaps more JW's will bolt for freedom of mind and sanity. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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