... and keep fighting

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  • nevaagain

    Last week we had the COs visit and I wanted to share my experiences with you. Some background info on me, I know
    TTATT and am fully awake, my wife also knows my doubts and read a few things on the internet but she is still 100% commited to the truth, saying everything on the apostate sites are lies. So right now I am in just to keep the status quo. Both of us are born in with every family member being in the truth ...

    Anyway about the CO visit, this is the second time and at the same time it is going to be the last time we have this particular CO couple, because of circuit changes (dont JWs love to juggle around with the circuits?!?) This time our CO couple was accompanied with a second couple, apparently the substitute CO also needs to "practise" from time to time.

    So my wife wanted to invite them for lunch. At first I was a little bit hesitated to invite them, but my wife
    as I said being 100% commited to the truth wanted to invite them and since my wife already sees me an apostate
    (tried to woke my wife up, didnt work but we have some kind of truce, thats going to be a different story)
    so I didnt say no. I also didnt want to stirr anything up

    So they came for lunch, and after a while, the substitute CO brought the topic about child abuse in
    Australia up. I wanted to say something but I remained tight lipped, not to reveal more than I would possibly know.
    My wife looked at me with a WTF face - awhile ago I had already told her about the cases that the WT
    lost in the US and we didnt really expect that topic being brought up at our homes from one of the CO, albeit
    the substitude CO but still!

    The real CO tried to play it down saying that it was mostly worldly ppl who abuse witness kids, then his wife
    weighted in, saying that she knows ppl in every congregation who were abused as a kids and that the problem
    is indeed widespread. The substitude added that it is indeed the WT being on trial here, because they were
    apperently trying to keep the brothers from going to the authorities. I think the substitude CO repeated that
    a few times!

    Now the real CO tried to shoot it down, saying that the elders would never tell the parents not to go to the
    police and the allegations have no claim. I knew it was dangerous but I wanted to say something, so I said.
    Maybe, just maybe some elders tried to keep it in the congregation and told the parents not to go to the police.
    The real CO was baffled! The substitude agreed with me and even added that he personally knows cases like that.

    We changed topic after that, but what is still puzzling me is, why did the substitude bring up that topic?!?
    Keep in mind, the real CO and the substitude, they didnt know each other before and possibly the first
    time they were eating together was at our place, so maybe the substitude was testing the waters with the CO?
    Maybe he knows the TTATT? I know if I would have brought up that topic my wife would have looked mad at me,
    but the substitudes wife was even participating at that topic!

    CO Week went over quick (thankfully for that). Went to both of the field service meetings on saturday. So funny,
    they are over after 5 minutes they dont even make sense anymore. Our parking lot was still occupied from
    the brothers who had their field service meeting before us, waited till they were gone so we can park. Went into
    the meeting two minutes late and it was already half finished!

    Sunday after the meeting we went to lunch with the both CO couples. After we were finished and the (real) CO
    couples wanted to leave, they hugged us both (my wife and me) said some words and then added "... and keep fighting"

    If that is not cult speak, what is?!?!

  • Daniel1555

    Wow... just wow.

    I think this substitute co (will probably be your next co) is worried or cares about the truth of the abuse cases.

    He no doubt will follow the royal commission infos.

    This is a good way in order for you to gently point your wife to the royal commission facts. They can open eyes, wake jws up without a word.

  • TheListener
    I don't think I could have taken that much time with the two COs even when I was fully indoctrinated. You have a strong stomach.
  • cognac
    Wow, wonder if he's figuring out ttatt....
  • ToesUp
    You just never know what someone else is thinking. Interesting. I think there are more "thinkers" out there than we can imagine.
  • cantleave

    I guess the substitute CO will never become a full time CO after that

  • cappytan

    This is a really great experience. Thanks for sharing!

    As an undercover fader, here is my paranoid speculation (emphasis on the paranoid): they knew you know TTATT and were seeing if you would say anything incriminating.

    This is how I feel all the time as an undercover apostate. I always feel like the elder boogeyman is lurking around the next corner or dissecting everything I say to find "evidence" or a "second witness" to my apostasy.

  • C0ntr013r

    Or, two "Apostates" where having a meal without even knowing it :P

    Doubtful a undercover person who knows TTATT would bring up such matters under those circumstances thou. Such a person is usually more concerned with staying under the radar.

    Still, one can speculate...

  • nevaagain

    i know, i would have never brought up that topic on my own! all i want is to fly under the radar and appear to be a normal brother who just doesnt make enough to be considered as a MS, but still more than the minimum so he cant be bothered.

    but i can only imagine that the CO would ask the substitute moments later when we werent around, what was he thinking bringing up that topic before a lowly brother.

    maybe in a few years when they want to try me for apostacy, and they asked me how everything begun i can cite exactly that moment, that made me to start questioning everything haha

  • C0ntr013r

    No sure your wife would corroborate that thou ;)

    But she have not ratted you out yet, so why not

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