A lot of "forbidden" talk is going on among witnesses

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  • steve2
    • Well, one thing they won't be talking about - but nonetheless have unexpressed views on - is the topic of "encouraging" young ones to apply for Bethel. It won't happen anymore.
    • Nor will there be program parts on the joys of being a Special Pioneer - that breed is more or less now officially extinct. And not a word will be said about it - but it will signal an unspoken change in attitude towards the full time ministry.

    And, now that two of the main indicators of 'putting the kingdom first' are defunct, it will be all downhill from there. Just don't expect to hear a single soul talk about it - even in private.

    But observe the downhill slide anyway.

  • smiddy

    The Jehovah`s Witness religion , just like so many other Fundamentalist religions will just fade into the background , no they won`t disappear off the planet , however they will become very insignificant as a minor religion, and be just one of the many.

    Some examples : The Assembly Of God , Christian Scientists , Christadelphians , Exclusive Brethren , etc.


  • stuckinarut2

    Great observation Steve2!

    Just what "Theocratic Goals" will young ones have available to pursue now??

    (Hmm...maybe they can actually do something useful for the general community, like volunteering in various community groups to help people in need!!

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