Anthony Morris III demoted to Great Crowd!

by Vanderhoven7 45 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Vanderhoven7

    Well, that is my prediction for 2024 anyway! Hey, if Watchtower can speculate....

  • FFGhost

    It's standard JW doctrine: "once anointed, always anointed".

    Even if someone "anointed" is DF'ed, if they return and are reinstated, they jump immediately back to "anointed" status.

    Don't ask me where to find it - it's probably buried in some old 50's or 60's "Questions from Readers" and has never been superseded. But I know I've read it somewhere.

    So, since he isn't even DF'ed (to the best of our knowledge) he remains (and will remain) "anointed", albeit no longer, per "present truth", a member of the "faithful and discreet slave".

  • Vanderhoven7

    I guess then i will have to predict they will soon invent a new category of other sheep to accommodate the fallen FS anointed.

  • blondie

    They did have a secondary remnant class prior to 1935, when memorial attendance reached 95,000. No, the WTS says that the man "df'd" from the Corinthinan congregation, was "reinstated" but was still anointed.

  • Fisherman

    Since he is no longer gb, he is no longer faithful and discreet slave according to latest JW belief on the FDS.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I wonder what AMIII thinks of the Faithful Slave now that he is one of the domestics. Perhaps we will never know? Then again, although doubtful, maybe he will follow the example of Raymond Franz and write a tell-all book real soon and fill us in with the whole truth.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    , maybe he will follow the example of Raymond Franz

    ...and have a nasty fall in his driveway ?

  • ThomasMore

    Fish is right. Only the GB are F&DS. But he retains his anointed status. I will leave the 8x10 glossy framed photo beside the bed for now.

  • Magnum

    I agree with FFGhost, Blondie, Fisherman, & ThomasMore. Once anointed, always anointed. One cannot be demoted to great crowd. If one loses anointing, it's the lake of fire, Gehenna, eternal death. Even one's being disfellowshipped does not necessarily mean he has lost anointed status. Org has referred to passage that says something like 'you judge those on the inside, whereas God judges those on the outside.' So, elders make judgements about those in the congregation (on the inside), whereas God judges those outside the congregation (disfellowhipped, etc.) (whether worthy of life or death and whether anointed or not). Congregation elders cannot make determinations as to who is anointed, but they can disfellowship. So, even if Tony was disfellowshipped, he would not necessarily lose his supposed anointing.

    But, as Fisherman wrote, even though Tony would not lose his anointing due to being removed from the GB (or even being disfellowshipped), he would lose his status as being part of the F&DS. It used to be that all anointed made up the F&DS, but the GB implemented a coup a few years ago and took the F&DS status all for themselves - casting away the rest of the anointed without even consulting them even though they should have been consulted because they had just as much say-so as the GB did according to JW theology of the time.

  • Fisherman

    What is hard to understand is how Jesus’s FDS can be removed with the human push of a button or even appointed.

    It was easier to understand that mysteriously a person is anointed by God thereby appointed by God as FDS.

    Since WT changed the definition of FDS, the definition is subject to change. Which means that the WT definition of FDS can change again.

    It does make sense though that in the 1 Century although everybody was anointed, there was only a handful of decision makers having authority over everybody aka a governing body or the Apostles. They were the ones writing the Bible under inspiration, etc.

    Sleepy now. May add more in another post.

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