The new service meeting

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    This is why I don't share any of the conversations I have with my JW mother and her friends. I don't believe them myself half the time. lmao
  • blondie

    I learned this along the way, KISS....too many details....I have that flaw....been changing in the last few months just giving a brief support from WTS pubs.

    I have learned that my experiences are mine alone, hard to verify, on this board or prove that I have lived in several countries and almost every state in the US, many congregations; I have been given the confidences of many elders, COs, and Bethelites. Hard to believe at first until others gave similar accounts.

    But in the end, the WTS does a good job of hanging themselves with their own words.


  • Magnum
    the girl next door, please do share. You seem to be 100% certified credible.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    This new serve-us meeting is only designed to benefit the ones at the top. About obedience and donations.
  • JWdaughter

    My mum is mid 70's and she and her friends do kind of pack rat together a couple of times a week. They have a ladies house that they go to for the broadcast (some to watch for first time, others to rehash and give out spoilers-as my mom described it). They usually go out for lunch once a week and to someones house for sweets another day.Occasional potlucks or game nights(afternoons, really, they are getting up there) My mum is in great shape and many of her friends drive around all the time. She lives in an upscale resort area where there are a lot of healthy and comfortably off retirees (she is less comfortable $, but very healthy). She is among the younger of her group. Those old ladies DO tend to travel in packs, but I don't know that is typical of the age or just that group. She has only lived there a few years, but she does a lot with them when she isn't working (yes, she still works!) I like it better than one of her old congregations where when she was ill, I couldnt get one of them to so much as bring her a magazine or visit. That would not happen in this congregation unless all that crowd dies out without replacements.

    I don't find his stories so implausible. He lives in the house of an active, elderly JW lady. There are 2 JW women to every man. And mum has said some crazy things to me as she gets older, so the old ladies flirting with him pretty much seems in keeping with the old lady I know best:)

    That being said, there are 7 or 8 of my mum's ratpack.

    (my mum's latest crazy talk? She was telling me that while visiting in another country, she was wearing her sandals all the time and as her feet have some very unsightly issues, she was mortified that folks stared at them so much. One day, she "forgot" (which is already nuts for her, ok?) her bra and noticed that no one was looking at her feet anymore. . .so, she stopped wearing a bra for the rest of vacation. Seriously, my JW mum said that and did that. Still shaking my head!)

  • All for show
    All for show
    Has John come back yet? Or is he still writing the rest of the story?
  • Hoffnung
    You believe these stories or not. Entirely up to you. There is however no factual element that disproves it. Point. Just use your brains. If it is not true, it will come out. If it is true, it will be confirmed. 2 witnesses rule, anyone... For now, I would give John Aquila Brown the benefit of the doubt. Cheers Hoff
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Woof Woof. I just visited an 88 yr old witness lady and commented that song 142 was pretty jumpy and that I heard people were swinging and swaying to it. Her comment? With a big smile, "How could you not?"

    So, not all the old sisters are as ready to jump ship as the 11 in the OP. That's why I'm calling BS. Join the pack and win a prize. Eternal life in a Paradise game refuge. The dog will lay down with the lamb.

  • kookie

    the GB are really only interested in the young ones, or young parents this is the impression I have had for a long time.

    As many young ones leave not for the reasons that these elderly sisters have said, old ones will die of and its the young blood they need to try and keep in the org, to work for their building empire.

  • LosingMyReligion
    It's frightening to see the lack of critical thinking on this forum by some members. Then again lack of critical thinking is one of the traits that helps becoming or staying religious. I really appreciate the effort some of you have done in this thread to point out the specific points in the OP that indicates that this is not a 100% non-fictional account. It is a great service to our former brothers and sisters who may still not have developed the critical thinking skill to question such ear-tickling stories.

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