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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    I wanted to relate an experience that happened this morning. It is regarding the new format for the meeting on Thursdays in my area. It’s not word for word but I’m summarizing what I heard, the best I can remember. I had told my mom a few months back that the Theocratic school was going to be removed and she told some of her friends. They asked her where she heard that and she told them, “From my son”

    Well none of them believed her, and one in particular told my mom that since her son left Jehovah’s organization, God’s spirit was not with him anymore. She even went as far as telling my mom that probably Satan had entered my brain and was giving me delusional thoughts. My mom told her, “I not sure about that, my son was the only one of the entire elder bodies, in all the congregations that meet in our building, that went to college, and he graduated with honors. So the sister tells my mom; “Well there you go, that explains it, we been warned that Satan runs all the Universities, only Satan would honor him.” All the other friends of my mom just kept quiet and didn’t agree or disagree. Well this was several months back.

    Now what’s interesting is that they had seen some of the videos explaining the new format, but they still didn’t get it. They kept insisting that the Theocratic school was not going to change. So last night they had the new format. After the meeting my mom went to the sister that kept insisting that the Theocratic School was not going to change and told her; “See, I told you it was going to change” The Sister would not accept it. She told my mom; “It’s not going to change, this is just a little demonstration, everything will go back to normal when the brothers feel it’s time.” So I’m not sure how to explain this except that perhaps that the Sister is in some type of denial. So my mom told me that she’s just dropping the whole thing because the sister looks like she about to lose it.

    Anyway this morning I was at my mom’s and the doorbell rings. All these sisters--- eleven of them stopped by. (Not the over righteous one) I believe the youngest is in her late 70s the oldest is 93 or 96, not quite sure because they were messing with me all morning. All of these sisters are singled, widowed or divorced. Some have been JWs longer than I’ve been alive. I made them coffee and drove to the nearest bakery and bought them a bunch of goodies. After I prepared a little plate with coffee and something sweet, and they are all relaxed, they start messing with me. They keep calling me, “You cute young man, you whipper snapper, you tasty morsel” I’m like; WTF. Now it seems strange to me because I’m 60+ years old. But then again they are mostly in their 80s and 90s, so I guess it’s like a group of 50 year old men cat-calling a 20 year old girl. Then they want to set me up with some of the single sisters in the Kingdom Hall. They start naming off some of the sisters that are always asking for me to see if I’m seeing anyone or if I’ve gotten married, which I’m kind of surprise when they mentioned some names, because I never would have imagine some of them that I actually know, were even interested in me. Some of these girls I held in my arms when they were born and I was in my late 20s. One of the ladies asks me if I like long legs---and I’m like, WTH. She starts telling me about this sister that just turned 30 and saw my picture and wants to meet me, and holy freaking hell, what does she do? She pulls out a picture of this sister sitting in the Kingdom hall with her dress slightly above her knee.

    Holy freaking hell, they are pimping me out. There’s a lot of other hilarious stuff that happened and I have to say it is quite a tempting lure to pull me back to the kingdom hall, but I think I will pass. (The picture of the long legs of the 30 year old really got to me) Now I know why Israel fell to Moab right before the promise land.

    Finally after a while I excused myself and go to the kitchen with my coffee and just listened. Then one sister makes the comment; “So what do you all think about the meeting last night?” Then everyone jumps in, “Something is not right” another; “What wrong with Jehovah’s organization?” another; “Is it possible that the organization has lost Jehovah’s spirit?”

    Comment after comment, for over an hour, all the sisters are brainstorming to try to figure out what’s happening in the organization. They are not mad at the organization, but they have strong feelings that something is not right and that perhaps Jehovah has left the organization.

    They started comparing ancient Jerusalem and how they had the temple, the priests; the Kings appointed by Jehovah but had lost God’s favor. They started talking about false prophets infiltrating the organization at the Top. I mean they are actually brainstorming to see if they can figure out why the organization is changing to the worse.

    Now something to keep in mind is that all these sisters do not use the internet or have IPads. They have no input from any apostate material in any form. Yet they can see that something is not right with the organization.

    And they mentioned others in the hall that have been feeling the same way. In fact they had two regular pioneer sisters that had been pioneering for over 10 years turn in their resignation two weeks ago to the service overseer. No explanation to the elder and did not want to sit with the body of elders to discussed it. One of the pioneer sisters had mentioned it to this particular sister relating the experience, that; “She just can’t do it anymore because it doesn’t feel like Jehovah’s organization anymore.”

    One of the older sisters even confessed that she was starting to feel regrets and was having nightmares that perhaps she made a big mistake when she was a young girl. She divorced her husband in 1976 because she felt he was an apostate for saying the Watchtower organization was a group of false prophets because the end didn’t come in 1975. She never found a brother who was interested in marriage and remained single the rest of her life. Her ex-husband went on to get married, have children, and grandchildren, and a great life, and the end of the wicked system never came.

    Then they started talking that it’s not even worth it to go through all the hard work of getting ready and go to the meeting on Thursdays. It’s just not worth it anymore, there is nothing spiritual. It’s not even worth listening on the telephone hookup.

    Then one of the sisters said, that ever since the overlapping generation crap, (and yes she did say CRAP) that she decided it was time to change her will. And she did, she removed the Watchtower and instead left her home and her savings to her grandchildren. She went on to relate that her grandchildren never became Jehovah’s Witness but they are good kids and they are Blood. She said, “The Organization doesn’t deserve my money anymore.” She told all the sisters that they should think about doing that because the Watchtower promised that we wouldn’t get old and they lied and have changed the idea to overlapping generations.

    They don’t deserve our money anymore. Then all the other sisters started agreeing that it’s time to start reviewing their Will and start making changes. One of the older sisters made the comment; “Sisters, we need to do this right away because we can die at any moment, it would be a shame if we died and didn’t leave our assets to our blood.” They all agreed to call their lawyers next week.

    They didn’t express anger to the Watchtower, but they expressed a lot of uncertainty, doubt, and uneasiness with the way the organization was headed. They expressed that they are kind of tired of living a life like they have lived the past several years, that is going to tons of meetings, field service, conventions, waiting for the end but the end always right around the corner.

    Right before they left, one of the last things I heard one of them say was;

    “What if we’ve been wrong all this time?

  • coalize

    thumbs up!

    I feel that kind of feelings in almost all the older JWDumb I talked too. I never thought that possible...

  • freddo
    And then I woke up ...
  • elderINewton

    John firstly it's great to hear you. I was a touch worried as you were quiet for a while and I enjoy your thoughts and observations.

    It's really terrifying that the old guard are waking up. What an interesting time.

    Could explain why the gb is emphasizing we are "so close" just to keep them form leaving

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Hot dang! This is the best thing I've heard in a LONG time! Man, I hope more and more JW's take a nice long look around like these ladies did and realize something is definitely "rotten in Denmark."

    You gotta love little ol' ladies like your mom's friends! I'm so glad they're changing their wills to leave money to blood relatives instead of the money-grubbing Borg.

    Thanks for posting this. You made my day!

  • nowwhat?
    Once again John is at the right place at the right time
  • cofty

    Wow that is very revealing. Thanks for sharing that.

    I think many who have come into the organisation in the past 20 years might not see the changes so clearly. The older generation remember when they felt like real bible students with a purpose.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    To hear people saying those things. People must be talking about things.
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    I wanted to post this because many JWs are waking up, NOT because of the internet or apostate material, but just because of the Extreme changes the Organization is implementing. It's just to extreme. It's causing them to take a close look at the GB and they are realizing that they are just MEN.

    For the young JWs, the changes are getting to embarrassing. Some young ones (20s-30s year old) have mentioned to me that they wish, the Governing Body would have never come out in JW BROADCASTING because it kind of ruined everything, that is-- the idea that they were specially chosen by Jehovah, is just hard to believe anymore.


    John firstly it's great to hear you.

    Thanks, I've been busy caring for my mom who will be 90 in a few months. So I don't have time to visit anymore. But I will stop from time to time.

  • sowhatnow


    omg, your post has made my day, I can just imagine that whole thing happening.

    last night, i left my moms and she was attempting to explain that 'new meeting'

    but we got into it and i had to leave. [gee, i wonder if my mom will mention it again]

    but seriously, i have heard in the past persons expressing concerns just like that, but there is always one dedicated 'confomant' around who drags everyone back in line and changes the subject.

    omg, these women saying that's stuff, and trying to set you up, oh man, wow, wish I was there, and how did you not have the biggest grin on your face, Id have been rolling on the floor.

    and ok yea, when did you wake up,lol good one freddo

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