Silent And Sweet Rebellion Going On Within JW Organization!

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  • JWdaughter
    Peace is great and all that, but Luther broke the peace. Had he not, and all the world was RC, would you adhere to THAT peace?
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut


    lsw1961 an hour ago
    azor, daringhart13

    I support the organization in its essence (not its details in which I have my own choices). Kingdom and Kingdom qualities are not cherry picking—they are absolute truth (if practised makes your life light giving only benefits to you and those around you)

    Lately the governing Body has stressed the importance of obeying their direction even if it seems illogical to you as an individual. He that is faithful in the little things is faithful in the great things.

    As I said in my comment in your last post, you should raise your had in the meeting and make the comments you make here and we'll see how long you and your group of free thinkers lasts.

    Wait until you loose a family member over the blood issue, as I did and we'll see how quickly you change your tune about the "essence" of the Organization.

  • lsw1961

    prologos & azor

    This is extremely simple. Believe in the Kingdom, and switch over to Kingdom qualities, you will be saved wherever you are—in which organization you are matters not.

    If the above is difficult to believe or confusing to you, it is better you continue as you are—enjoy your limited life to the full.

    prologos, You ask: “in what medium do these vibrations propagate, do you have senders, receivers? how can you verify this spooky action at a distance?”

    When I come in contact (in person or by whichever means) with a man of my sort, spirit in me witnesses to me that this one is of Kingdom qualities. If not, no special vibration is received. The same happens to the other person too. I cannot explain this like the neuro-scientist explains how neurons (that are separated by a tiny gap called the synaptic cleft) communicate over long distances by sending signals called nerve impulses. I know it happens, and do not know how?

  • nicolaou

    Well aren't you and your friends brave? Sitting quietly, "supporting all [the Watchtower's] goods, and ignoring all its evils".

    Stiffen your backbone and grow a pair of balls for god's sake.

  • lsw1961


    We develop Kingdom qualities and leave everything to Almighty. We do not want to prove anything before Kingdom actually comes. Everyone knows what is right and wrong, hence each one is responsible for his life.

  • 3rdgen
    Isw, who or what is causing the vibrations you spoke of?
  • prologos
    at are separated by a tiny gap called the synaptic cleft) communicate over long*** distances by sending signals called nerve impulses. I know it happens, and do not know how?
    yes, even along the nerve fibers, the white coating there are gaps where chemical transmission goes into a radiation transmission mode, so you think these short distance effect can be transmitted perceived by your kingdom senses, but it is not ESP?
    Jesus: "the kingdom is in your midst", the midst of your brain?
    ***"--long--" how long?
    Do you believe in the invisible Kingdom of 1914 vintage?
  • TheWonderofYou

    I appreciate the information that you give about us about your relaxed attitude to the JW system, you are courageous because you risk all the time to be discovered for your free and disobedient views you can never be sure that somebody wont report you to the elders if a person doesnt like you. You are in a difficult situation, establishing sects is strongly against the thought of unity.

    You are concerned about the kingdom, but the kingdom was already misunderstood in Jesus times, im not so sure what the kdm is as you seem to be about.

    A similiar point of view is hold by modern catolic theologians.. that kindom of god is not limited to the church but includes all people of good will.

    The pictures of the kingdom with god king,absolutistic might, thrones on which kings sit, crown, jwhw or jesus holding a scepter are only shadows of the reality, images of the meant thought, that the kindom is a spiritual domain, rather than any humanlike society order, like the british kindom or an antique kindom.

    The biblewriters and rabbis used the known pictures of kings and kingdom like david or salomon to express a theological thought about gods kingndom.

    But the prophet had critized if ancient kings reigned over israel, not as they should do as anointed =messiah, namely as ministers and representatives of TheEternal.

    so indicating that the human form of rulership is always unimportant symbol but the spirit of ministry and sacrifice for the people was important, a messiah king (= anointed one king) has to be a minister andnot abusive king, so the bible relatives the image of what a king is, and of whst a kingdom is.

    The mercy and love that jesus revealed about god was early connected by first christian as fulfillment of Jesus being an anointed king in anew form of kindom, gods domain of love.

  • TheWonderofYou

    The kingdom should be a own thread, but additional it is interesting that the israel kings were anointed by usage of an anointing oil, crysam oil, the imageof the oil was clear :

    The king was anointed to bring the people comfort, consolidation the comfort of God and alwyays the people should be more important than the king, the king should represent God and be his minister in comfort (theologically)

    This anointement crysam oil is even used today during the confirmation rite of young girsl and boys in the church.

    The Domain of God =kingdom of God is only a spiritual meaning about comfort and consolidation, as the anointing oil symbolically represents, it is completely not a matter of a real government as JW think.

    The anointment with crysam oil is a spiritual comfort,

    the anointed one = Messiah is a comforter and thus

    the kingdom is a spiritual one,

    which brings comfort to the people of all mankind,

    over human engament, love among each other,

    "The King will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'

  • Ucantnome

    If I identified as a JW. I'm in for a penny in for a pound.

    I respect the elder who insisted on talking to me that night many years ago that I mentioned in a previous post of mine on another thread. I disagree with him but he is real JW in my view.

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