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  • enoughisenough

    ExBethelitenowPIMA...I didn't read all the comments, but I noted you made excuse for JW ( being they claim not to be inspired or infallable.) They are not excused where I am concerned ...I heard that years isn't NEW! They still claim to be the channel God is using and they you have to obey them because God and Jesus trust them and it is likened to listening to the voice of JESUS ( INEXCUSABLE!) You wrote, "we think....." not being dogmatic...oh yeah, but what if you speak against what they write ...see how dogmatic it really is. On another note: don't loose hope! Just be glad you discovered the falseness! Other religions are teaching falsely as well- read the Bible and let it speak to you...Jesus said people would worship in spirit and in truth...not in any organization.

  • sloppyjoe2


    When I first was going through what you are, I didn't know where to end up. Finally I decided, I just don't know. Maybe there is something after we die, maybe there isn't. I will find out, or won't, after I'm dead. I do believe there is a greater power than us. But I don't hold to this idea that we know what the power is doing, did, does or will do. Granted you were/are much more into the religion more than I ever was. Being raised as a JW, it never gave me some relief, or security. It was always very trying, difficult, embarrassing at times to be involved. No "blessing" ever happened to me that was supposed to happen because I gave up fun for theocratic activities. All I ended up with was wasted time. So there is the aspect that you have to go through that I did not. I didn't have this sense of difficulty leaving and genuinely don't know how hard that must be for you and anyone else that did. I had relief and you have despair. I probably can't understand the apprehension that must cause.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    ex bethelite etc

    you keep mentioning HOPE: hope in/of what exactly? are you afraid of the future ?

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    Stan my hope that there is something better, that there is purpose and meaning behind everything.

    If you put yourself in the box of blind chance evolution atheist then there is nothing it’s all pointless.

    You may as well go and steal and scam people, it’s all just blind chance anyway.

    No I will not put myself in that box. Yes it’s true I can’t prove you are wrong which is why I’m agnostic but I still have hope there is something better out there.

  • cofty
    You may as well go and steal and scam people, it’s all just blind chance anyway

    If superstition is the only thing stopping you from hurting others you have some serious moral deficiencies.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    The question of who decides what is morally right or wrong is a philosophical one. According to Immanuel Kant, ethical decision making is up to us and our ability to reason and is done through the categorical imperative. Moral codes are specific to the upbringing of the person and the society he or she belongs to, so it differs from individual to individual. Some believe that Jesus Christ is the only one who can decide what is right and wrong, while others believe that it is either God or men who make the rules.

  • cofty

    There are moral facts that do not depend on either personal opinion or divine law-givers.

    Big Dog - Chatgpt wrote your post didn't it?

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Interesting, and how are those moral absolutes identified?

    I think it came from an article on philosophy, it's something I saw and saved.

  • cofty
    how are those moral absolutes identified?

    What absolutes? All moral statements are provisional.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog
    What is a "moral fact"? I'm curious.

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