Lots Of Whining And Complaining About Us JW's

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  • AverageJoe1

    Totally ignoring the troll who started this post but the reactions of others are very interesting.

    "The Searcher" (great US TV comedy program back in the 80s by the way) they are amazing questions and I agree with you totally. I'm an active JW and have nothing against most of my fellow witnesses. However, the great majority are in a bubble with their critical thinking stifled, especially as more and more emphasis is being placed on loyalty to the organisation and their literature.

    It's such a relief and great satisfaction to just discuss doctrine based on the scriptures and not the interpretation of them by the WTS. Comparing other Bible translations is also a good way to get perspective on what we really believe.

    Thanks again Searcher!

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Deacon... you shall be destroyed in Armageddon for ignoring the counsel of the 7 clowns in New York who have self-proclaimed themselves to be your rulers. In no ambiguous terms, they have asked you (over and over again) to avoid making comments on these sites (see also the Watchtower rag July 15, 2011, page 16 , paragraph 7). Yet here you are making completely unauthorized comments and judging others like the complete moron that you are. I should start charging you JW apologists for teaching you with your own liter-a-trash. For now, this lesson is free.

  • ToesUp

    "The question is,... do you want to be among the few survivors? If so folks, seek out your local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I so wish that I could tell you my story. The 40+ years of abuse that my family has witnessed. You know nothing of each and every person on this forum. Everyone has a story and who are you to judge who gets a free pass to the JW kingdom?Who knows, if this is even true, that you will get a free pass. You are currently on a apostate website and Jah is watching you.

    Let me tell you how sad and passionate I feel at this current moment. I would rather enjoy my life right now than spend eternity with the people I have removed from my life. The most judgmental, hypocritical and narcissistic people I have ever met in my entire life. Why are we happier since we have left? Don't ever judge someone until you have walked in their shoes and say a prayer to Jehovah for visiting a apostate website.

  • dubstepped

    @Saethydd - That's the spirit! Let's celebrate with all the seriousness that this trolling thread deserves.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Since this troll isn't even any fun, it's DOGS IN HATS TIME! - good idea!

    Although I gotta say, I prefer Cats in Bomber Jackets.

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  • dubstepped

    I see your cat in bomber jacket, and raise you a dog in a bomber jacket, with goggles, and dreaming of actually flying a plane. Although I too like cats, right now they just can't compete. Don't try and troll me with cat pics, lol.

  • snugglebunny

    Deaconblues1914 spluttered:

    An x-elder. Disillusioned because you were probably booted off the body for being an opinionated bully who couldn't have his way. Or were you really demoted? Or disfellowshipped doubtfull? Or is it just the end hasn't come soon enough for you? Or are you looking for perfection among men where it doesn't exist. So now you give up and quit. Huh?

    Over the years - and I've seen a few! - I've come across any number of Deaconblues. He /she is one of the militant variety of JW who really gets off on provocation. Not just provocation of ex-JW's, but provocation for its own sake.

    The trouble for him / her is that there is no outlet for the inner hostility that runs rampant through his / her emotions. He / she can't have a crack at existing JW's because he / she would be out on his ear via a JC very quickly indeed.

    He / she can't have a crack at non- JW's because that would "bring reproach" on Jehovah's name.

    So what happens? Deaconblues has figured that it's OK to have a crack at ex's. Ex's won't be stumbled, ex's won't report him / her to a JC. He / she figures that ex's are fair game, cannon fodder for his / her insults and provocation. Easy prey for his / her self-righteous posturing.

    Basically Deaconblues is just a coward. A coward who gets off on his / her own verbosity.

  • menrov

    Funny, the WBTS teaches that Matt. 28:19,20 applies to all [JW's] although Jesus was speaking to HIs apostles. If this commission is to be accepted by all, what about the commission to eat His flesh and drink His blood in commemoration of His death? Why does the WBTS teach that partaking is only for a few? Did Jesus not also only talk to His apostles?

    I call that inconsistency or cherry picking.

    The WBTS teaches that "bad people have removed the tetragrammaton from the original Christian manuscripts. First, which are the originals as there are some 5000 fragments. Second, if that is true, why have they also not removed it from the Greek translation of the OT / Hebrew scriptures?

    I do not believe anyone here is jealous of the wealth the WBTS has collected over the years. What most here do have against the WBTS regarding their wealth is that they never use that wealth for the rank and file. Poor publishers cannot even ask the congregation for support. Congregations nor WBTS ever donate to charities. Many working at bethel have been sacked without any support. About all congregations have lost ownership of their kingdom halls. I can go on but I feel you would not care at all.

    I am sure you just love being told what to do, beng welcomed by your peers in the congregations, not bothered to do really assess that what you are told is true like the beroeans did. So, by all means, enjoy your life under the umbrella of the WBTS. I guess you deserve it.

  • Diogenesister

    Deacon blue I'd put money on you being a Scotsman. Only Scotsman have a lifelong obsessive DEVOTION to rubbish bands from the land of their birth like yours and " the wets" LoL!

    Also I'm pretty sure Doubtful1799 means 40 years since his BAPTISM which would probably mean he's served longer than you or similar since back then they didn't baptise young kids. And you are definitely no older than 50.

  • Chook


    you need to return to the body of elder and repent for associating and conversing with US apostates. Let's see the love pour on your soul from the Judical committee of window cleaners and painters who will roast you in Gehenna for your sins. We would prefer to only listen to your shit when you can explain to all us idiots how the over lapping generation fit in with all their other religious frauds. When you finish trying to encourage the ones on here to return to the religious molesters, repent for the emotional abuse we all on here know you in inflick on your family. You are of low human substance and may Tony Morris put a word in for you from his throne in heaven. Lucky we have computers because you are a waist of ink

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